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Are you having a long exhausting, tired, and stressful day and want to relax during your lunch break? Well, a healthy fast – casual dining restaurant, Au Bon Pain at One Metrotech Ctr, within a fast 2 minute walk from campus, which is cheap, tasteful along with a comfortable atmosphere, might be just perfect for you. A moment to sit down and relax with your coffee and sandwiches in your hand, keeping all the stress away.  Au Bon Pain is an astounding, great fast – casual dining with savory food, relaxing atmosphere, and a worthy price.

The appetizing food, from Au Bon Pain is delicious and alluring. The Cheese Danish from the self service bakery station are tasty. The Viennese bread, from the Cheese Danish is really soft inside yet crispy on the outside. By looking at the appearance, it seems like it is really sweet with the big bulk of cheese in the middle of the Viennese bread; however, it was sweet but not extremely. The flavors of the cheese are more creamy and rich. Going to the self service hot coffee station, there were a variety of coffee choices to choose from. For example, like the French Vanilla, Hazel Nuts, French Roast, and more. The French Vanilla and the Hazel Nuts coffee have a strong rich coffee aroma smell that probably most people would love if they love the thick and strong coffee taste. Au Bon Pain provides a variety of coffee mate, and milk for customers to choose. The Chicken Caesar wrap was good.  The textures of the dressing were great, and a lot of delicious chicken were given in the wrap. Au Bon Pain values their nutrition a lot. Au Bon Pain has said “Au Bon Pain now uses only all natural chicken in all its sandwiches, salads and wraps. No preservatives so better taste, lower sodium and less fat than the chicken we had offered previously.” (Au Bon Pain, par 3).

The feeling of the relaxing ambiance of Au Bon Pain is enjoyable. Au Bon Pain offers seats for people to dine out; enjoying the great weather. Customers could also choose to sit in the comfy chair inside and relax with their hot coffee and the calm music. The comfortable, and relax atmosphere where you can sit down and chat with your friends, or just sitting there with your phone or a book to enjoy with your food and the music playing. The store is full with modern and classic yellow design. The feeling of the bright yellow wall brings a bright and refreshing mood. In addition, each station is well kept nicely for customers to self service themselves, except for the coffee station, that are a bit dirty, and messy. Although the coffee station is dirty and messy, it doesn’t really matter, as long as the coffee is good. What do you expect from a self service station, people cleaning up themselves? Most importantly, Au Bon Pain is located down the street of New York City College of Technology campus. What is better than having a 30 minute break in between classes and having a good and tasteful fast – casual dining restaurant nearby? It is also great for getting breakfast in the morning on your way walking to campus.

Having a delicious and healthy breakfast or lunch, just for around ten dollars is very worth it. The Chicken Caesar Wrap is only $6.29 and the Cheese Danish, from the bakery station are just $2.39. They also offer breakfast special for just around $4 with a sandwich of bacon, eggs, and more. Most importantly, the hot coffee, with varieties of flavors is just only for $.99, if you purchase any of their sandwiches. It is actually a great deal because a large size cup is only $2.09, so adding a few dollars more can get you a sandwich, and a coffee.

Some people think that Au Bon Pain is not worth going, when they can get the Cheese Danish or sandwiches at Starbucks instead. However, foods served at Au Bon Pain are obviously a healthier fast food, therefore, they are wrong. According to the Health Magazine website, Au Bon Pain has been the top three healthiest fast food restaurants. In the Health Magazine, the article “America’s Top 10 Healthiest Fast Food Restaurants,” by Tracy Minkin and Brittani Renaudhad, they had stated that “A pioneer in healthy fast food, Au Bon Pain serves up sandwiches, soups, salads, and hot entrées made with whole grains, veggies, and hormone-free chicken.” (Minkin and Renaud, p.g. 3).  Although, Starbuck have some healthy food, but comparing to Au Bon Pain, the nutrition are healthier. In this article “12 Healthiest and Worst Fast Food Breaksfast Sandwich”, by The Editors of EatingWell Magazine, they listed food that are worst and bad from different fast food. The editors stated that “The Worst: The Starbucks Sausage & Cheddar Classic Breakfast Sandwich has 500 calories, 9 grams of saturated fat, 1 gram of fiber, 19 grams of protein and 920 mg of sodium.” (The Editors of EatingWell Magazine. Par. 4). As it shown, Starbucks do have unhealthy food comparing to Au Bon Pain. Would you rather choose a healthier restaurant to eat in, even if they serve similar food?

In addition, some people might think that they can rather go to a deli store for a larger cup of coffee for only a dollar, instead of going to Au Bon Pain to get a coffee for around two dollars. However, Au Bon Pain coffee is better because there is more variety of coffee choices to choose from instead of a plain regular coffee. Furthermore, the coffees taste so much better. “I go to Au Bon Pain every morning, for their coffee because I like the strongest of the coffee smell, compare to the deli coffee that seem like drinking water.” Said one of my classmate.

Some people think that buying lunch at Au Bon Pain is really confusing because of the different station, and some are self service, however, with this system, one person can personally help themselves with what they want, and make their own coffee of their liking. If the coffee is good, it is worth the effort to get use to the self service station.

So, would you rather walk down to Au Bon Pain in a 2 minute walk near campus which serve healthy, delicious, worthy price food, and a great ambiance to relax at, or walk to some other restaurants? Au Bon Pain is definitely a great and fabulous fine – casual dining restaurants to eat at. So, you must take a visit there.

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