36 Hours in: The Brooklyn Waterfront

36 Hours on the Brooklyn Waterfront

New York City is full of wonder- the lights, cuisine, and history is all vivid and spectacular. But, sometimes people forget about the other beautiful boroughs surrounding Manhattan. Here, we visit the striking Brooklyn waterfront, and dive deep into the rich history surrounding this peaceful seaside area.


5 PM: Check into Condor Hotel

What better way to enjoy the luxury of Brooklyn Heights than to check into a lavish hotel? Located just a six minute car ride away from the Brooklyn waterfront, the Condor Hotel has endless amenities and a cool atmosphere. Averaging between $309-$349 per night, the hotel offers free breakfast, lounge and garden areas, a concierge, even laundry services! Best of all, getting to the Brooklyn Waterfront won’t be an issue. Guests receive a 30$ credit to ZipCar, a transportation service (with ZipCars conveniently located in the parking lot!).

Condor   Condor

(Photos courtesy of www.CondorNY.com)

6 PM: Dinner at Ignazio’s Pizza

Enjoy a variety of specialty pizzas and calzones from Ignazio’s on Water Street, seconds away from the waterfront. Specialty pizzas range from 26$-32$ with interesting ocean-inspired toppings, such as shrimp and clam (it pays to be so close to the water!). Ignazio’s is located ideally across from the historic Brooklyn Waterfront- just a few steps away from Fulton’s Ferry Landing. Be sure to bring cash with you- Ignazio’s doesn’t take credit cards!

8 PM: Concert at Barge Music

Across the street from Ignazio’s lies Fulton Ferry Landing, home to Barge Music. Barge Music is a floating concert hall, founded by owner Olga Bloom in 1977. The barge was mostly used to transport coffee to the Erie Lackawanna railroad. In addition, the concert hall is build from pieces of the old Staten Island Ferry! The hall houses 220 concerts every year. Come see how beautifully history resurfaces!


The early Barge Music (photos courtesy of www.Bargemusic.org)


10 AM: Breakfast at Clark’s Restaurant

Classier than a diner, but not too excessive in price, Clark’s Restaurant on Clark Street is a great stop for breakfast. An easy walk from the beautiful Promenade, Clark’s Restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options to satisfy all guests. A customer favorite includes their Blueberry Pie Pancakes- a stack of blueberry pancakes with powdered sugar and vanilla ice cream on top! In addition to being close to the promenade, next door is Hotel St. George, once the largest hotel in all of New York City! While it currently serves as student housing, you can admire the structure and history of this important building.

 St George 36 hrs

(photos taken by Hollie Foster)

12 PM: Visit to Jane’s Carousel

Be a kid again and visit this beautiful piece of artwork! Jane’s carousel is located in the DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) section of the Brooklyn Bridge Park on the East River. It was originally created in 1922 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company and used in Ohio. When David Walentas was developing the Empire Fulton Ferry State Park, he bought and restored the carousel in 1984. It was opened to the public (after years of restoration) in 2011. For a mere $2.00 entry fee, experience the joy the carousel has brought people for years. While in the area, take a stroll around the waterfront!

3 PM: Lunch at the River Café

Enjoy fresh seafood with a view at the River Café. The Café first opened in 1977, after the ferry had officially shut down and had left the waterfront nothing more than an abandoned wasteland.  Michael Buzzy O’Keefe saw the possibilities and went out on a limb for his idea. It was a huge success! The lunch menu entrees range from $24-$30, with a focus on seafood. The atmosphere is warm, beautiful, and relaxed, with the most professional and attentive service possible.

River Cafe

(Photo courtesy of www.RiverCafe.com)

5 PM: A walk in the park

Watch the sun set over the Manhattan skyline with a walk down the Brooklyn Bridge Park. This area is full of history! Notice the large stone on the way from the River Café! The plate describes the Battle of Long Island, during the American Revolution. In 1776, George Washington and the Continental Army escaped across the East River to Manhattan from the invading British Army. In addition, when walking through the park, take note of the peers. These peers, now used for sports and recreation, were once the destination of all sorts of imports. The large sets of stairs leading upward into the park are all remains from old warehouses used over 100 years ago. The booming economy involved in the Brooklyn Waterfront (originally known as het Veer, meaning “ferry”) collapsed after the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge- ferries were no longer needed! The beautiful land within the park holds many memories.

Rock 36 hrs

(Photo by Hollie Foster)

7 PM: Dinner at Lantern

Montague Street is one of the hubs of Brooklyn Heights. It is home to many restaurants, shops, and other facilities. Lantern is on the uppermost part of the street- making it an easy walk to the next destination. Authentic Thai food, as spicy as it should be, keeps customers on their toes. With no entrees over 25$, all of the food is beautifully plated. The environment is warm, but sophisticated, and fits the area perfectly.

9 PM: Dessert at The Ice Cream Factory

After the concert, walk across to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory! Made with all the freshest ingredients, their ice cream is sweet, delicious and always made on location. The Ice cream Factory is housed within the old fireboat house on the Fulton Ferry Peer with beautiful views of the Manhattan skyline. Their flavors include the classic chocolate and vanilla, as well as pecan, peaches and cream, and more! A sweet way to finish the evening.

Ice cream


(Photo courtesy of www.BrooklynIceCreamFactory.com)


10 AM: Breakfast at the Condor Hotel

As part of the benefits of being a Condor guest, free breakfast is offered. Waffles, muffins, yogurts, fresh fruit and more are readily available. Feel free to eat in the garden; the Condor offers small tables! The garden has beautiful paved walkways, trees, and flowers for their guests to admire.

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 2.50.39 AM


(Condor garden, photo courtesy of www.CondorNY.com)

12 PM: A walk on the Promenade

For one of the most breathtaking views of Manhattan, the Promenade is the place to go. Located above the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, it provides a view of the Brooklyn Bridge, the entire Manhattan skyline, and the Statue of Liberty. The promenade includes benches; so after the walk, there is plenty of time to sit, admire, and digest! The area tends to be populated at this time, with families going for a walk or owners and their dogs. It’s a relaxing way to end the visit.



(Photo by Hollie Foster) 


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