Local Grub: Fresh Super Taco

A Place Called Heaven

By: Clarissa De La Rosa

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Has your lunch break arrived? Are you in the same position as every day, asking yourself where is the best place to get a delicious, cheap, and fast lunch? Fresh super taco is your answer. Fresh super taco is a Tex-Mexican express restaurant where they sell a variety of ethnic Mexican meals for lunch and dinner including different meats, seafood, and vegetables and many drinks as well. Fresh super taco was established about 20 years ago and has locations in Manhattan N.Y and Brooklyn N.Y. It is located in 51B Willoughby St. Brooklyn, N.Y 11201. Over all, Fresh super taco is the most convenient restaurant to get a fast and delicious lunch during your short lunch break. As stated by author, Losa Lovin in her review for fresh super taco for the food website seamless, “If you want to eat a nice lunch and you’re on a budget this is the spot. Their delivery is super-fast and they provide courteous service” (Lovin 1). My overall evaluation is based on the service, convenience, and food of fresh super taco.

In between your long busy day at work or school the last thing you need when you go to grab your lunch are people who don’t understand you and get you what you want. Fresh super taco has the best service to offer. The workers are very nice and take your orders as soon as you step in. The workers work very fast and in an organized matter. When I went to fresh super taco I could see the cooks in the back of the cashier placing tortillas on the grills and tossing them very fast while also placing rice and meats in plastic containers. They are also very pleasing and want to meet your needs. I ordered two grilled chicken with jack cheese quesadillas and I asked if my quesadillas could be cut into four sections and the cashier responded “Sure that’s not a problem”. Then when my order was finished the cook gave it to me and said “Enjoy and have a wonderful day”. The service in fresh super taco was excellent, it met my needs and made me feel important.

Not only do you want to feel important when you buy your lunch but you also want the restaurant to be convenient. At super taco the food is done very fast. The most you will wait for your order is five minutes. There are about four tables if you want to stay and eat. The atmosphere is very fast moving people just order get their lunch and go. The walls are white and have mirrors on them and the tables are gray. It is not the most beautiful place to stay and eat at but it is just meant for people to grab and go. When I visited super taco I was in and out in less than five minutes. If your lunch break is about one hour you can calculate a five minute walk from city tech to super taco, five minutes to get your food, and five minutes to walk back which leaves you 45 minutes to enjoy your lunch and relax. Or if you’re too tired to walk you can call and your food can be delivered to you for free with just a minimum of $6.00 which is about the amount you will spend for your meal. Fresh super taco also takes credit and debit cards with a minimum of $10.00. It is also open seven days a week and from 10:30 am to 10:30 pm, so there is no problem if you have an early lunch or late lunch. Super taco is a very convenient restaurant for fast moving busy people to just grab their lunch and go.

Finally the most important thing you want for your lunch, is it to be delicious. The food in fresh super taco is amazing. Many people might argue that the menu and food in fresh super taco is exactly alike to yummy taco right across the street. As stated by owner, Lin Quao on her website Yummy Taco her menu has many similarities to fresh super tacos menu because she serves fresh flour tortillas, tacos, soups, quesadillas, and burritos (Quao 1). I think that they are wrong because both menus have some similarities but fresh super taco’s food and menu is better because fresh super taco’s prices are cheaper for example a super combo lunch in yummy taco the most it can cost is $10.99 and in super taco the most a super combo lunch can cost you is $7.29. Also super taco’s menu has a vegetarian menu, all foods are made fresh without artificial spices, and the flour tortillas are made from scratch throughout the day. When I went to eat at fresh super taco and I was waiting for my order I could smell the all the natural seasoning in the chickens and shrimps being cooked. When the cook gave me my two grilled chicken with jack cheese quesadillas I could smell the melty jack cheese on the fresh gilled chicken and I could feel the warm flour tortillas. My quesadillas were very big and I only paid $2.99 for each. When I took a bite into one quesadilla my stomach was delighted. In fresh super taco the food is delicious and cheap and you get more than what you pay for.

Fresh super taco is the most convenient restaurant to get a fast and delicious lunch during your short lunch break because of their service, convenience, and food. So I hope that on your next lunch break instead of being confused and wondering where to eat, you make fresh super taco your next stop.

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