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Hunger, the majority of the time makes you wish that class can end in a few minutes. While you wait for those last few minutes of class to end, you wonder what you might want to eat after. Those last few minutes always seem to feel like a few hours. There is definitely a lot of eating establishments around City Tech that you can go to for a lunch break, but you just don’t know where to eat at. Forget going to a usual spot. You might want to try out Five Guys because it is short walking distance from City Tech, you get your money’s worth, the food quality is good and it would be a great experience if you love burgers and fries. Five Guys is a fast food restaurant where you can get a juicy burger with all the toppings you can have in between those fresh baked buns. This specific Five Guys is located on Lawrence Street in 2 Metrotech Center, Brooklyn, New York.

Five Guys literally takes about five minutes to get there from City Tech. After a class you might have a short break of 30 minutes to 1 hour and you might want to grab something to eat. You might want to go somewhere not too far or perhaps something very nearby. Five Guys is a very convenient spot if you wanted to eat somewhere very nearby. When you enter Five Guys there is the “Place Your Order Here” line and to the right you have small tables and chairs along with the “Pick up Order Here” line and the soda machine. On the walls there are posts in big sized letters of what others had to say about Five Guys. The whole place is designed in white with red and white squared patterns.

You can go to Five Guys with $12 and get a fresh and juicy burger, fries, and a drink. Usually fast food restaurants that sell burgers, sandwiches and hot dogs might be overly priced, but a spot like Five Guys is not expensive at all. Five Guys has “the best $5 burger a man can eat” (GQ Magazine). There are other restaurants that charge at least triple or perhaps even more of what Five Guys charges. Also other restaurants or fast food places charge you extra if you were to add any toppings on your burger or sandwich. At Five Guys you can add any and every topping that they offer to your burger or sandwich. Some of the toppings are grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, mustard, relish, jalapeno peppers, green peppers, and A.1 steak sauce.

The majority of people want good quality food. But good quality can be expensive sometimes depending on where you go. Five Guys serves burgers, but so does other fast food places like McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy’s. Why do people go there instead? People go to these fast food restaurants because you get your food within a short period of time and the main reason, because it is a lot cheaper. McDonalds and every other fast food restaurant where you can get a burger for $1 use frozen meat. On the other hand Five Guys has fresh patties that are never frozen. They are cooked and flipped in front of your eyes. As you un-wrap your burger from the tin foil, you can see that it is steaming hot and freshly made and you can smell the patty and all the toppings you have on your burger unlike burgers from Burger King and McDonalds, you barely smell anything. For my first time going to Five Guys, it was definitely worth the money I was paying for. The drinks are free refills, so why not take advantage and drink as much as you can.

I’ve always heard of friends and other people talk about Five Guys saying that Five Guys sells “amazing burgers.” So one day after class was over I went to go try out Five Guys myself and see what people were talking about. When I went to Five Guys for my first time I ordered a bacon cheeseburger and little fries. There was absolutely no line to place your order, but as I approached the line to pick up your order I thought I was going to wait until tomorrow. I was proven wrong. I actually didn’t wait so long at all for my order to be done. I would say I only waited for about 8-10 minutes and I was expecting to wait for about half an hour. I was so surprised my order was done quickly because it was crazy packed, it was lunch hour, and because there were about five people ahead of me. What I was also surprised about is that obviously little fries comes with a little amount, but these little fries size contained more than what a little fries size should have. When I took a bite of that burger I thought “oh man this is probably the best burger I’ve ever had.” What was also unexpected was the double patty of the burger and for the price I paid, it was totally worth it. You can either get the single patty or pay a little more for double patties. Five Guys is the “Willie Wonkas of Burgercraft” (The Washington Post). For such a small amount of fries and regular sized burger I was more than satisfied and full. Some people who tried out Five Guys before might say that “the fries were greasy.” Well the fries “are cooked in pure, no cholesterol, tasty peanut oil” which means they will be greasy. People should know that fries are cooked in oil and therefore if they don’t like greasy foods they shouldn’t get the fries. By the way Five Guys offers free bulk peanuts in a container as you wait for your order. However some people might think that people who grab the peanuts have dirty hands which will fill the peanuts or the peanut grabber with bacteria. But the peanuts have shells which prevent the actual peanut to have germs.

Some people don’t want to travel too far to eat something for lunch especially if they’re on a short break. People want to grab something to eat as soon as possible and eat something for a reasonable price. And people also don’t just want to eat anything. People want food that is worth the pay. Are you on your way to Five Guys now? No, so what are you waiting for? Go grab a delicious and fresh burger at Five Guys and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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