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If you are looking for something quick and to fill you up for the one hour break you have from class, Chipotle can be one of the options. Chipotle is a well-known fast food chain take-out that is located around New York and other states.  It is a famous chain food restaurant. In article, Integrity Is Key to Chipotle Brand, customers stated, “I’m no huge fan of chain places, but there’s a reason this place is so popular.” (Barnes). Chipotle sells Mexican grill food and specializes in tacos and burritos. In Chipotle’s website, it states that Chipotle uses high-quality ingredients for their customers and uses classic cooking methods to ensure the level of ingredients. In addition, Chipotle provides the same style of interior design in all local Chipotle restaurants to give customers a relaxed atmosphere. If you are looking for a Chipotle near by the campus, there is just a perfect one that is walkable distance without taking the train. It takes ten minutes to walk from the campus to Chipotle. The one near New York City College of Technology located on 185 Montague Street Brooklyn, NY 11201. Chipotle provide service, clean environment, reasonable value and comfort.

Chipotle has efficient employees to provide fast service for customers. Chipotle is busy every minute so do not be surprised when you enter and see the line is as long as the Great Wall especially long during lunch hour. It may be unbelievable to wait on such a long line just to get lunch, but the workers are very efficient and fast with their work. The workers were fast in taking costumers order by multitasking. The workers would ask the costumers what they would like while preparing the food. It will not be long till they are able to take your order. There are around six to ten workers working on shift. It makes the line move faster each minute that by the time you get to the front of the line, it will be less than ten minutes. There may be some people who think the line is too long to even bothering waiting on line and eat somewhere without a long waiting, but although the line is long many customers are willing to wait in a long time just to have their lunch in Chipotle.

The employees make sure the store is clean for customers. There are staff that ensure they provide clean sanitation for their customers. There are many fast food restaurants that tend to have trash from the previous customers that look disgusting and dirty on how the staff did not bother to clean the tables at all. But in Chipotle they clean it and that is something to praise them about. The first floor is the cleanest area compare to the second floor. The second floor may need some extra work on sanitation.

There are many restaurants to eat out, but they may not satisfy our stomach and wallet. In Integrity is Key to Chipotle Brand, Jim Doni, a staff from Frank Donio Inc, one of the suppliers for Chipotle stated, “They have very high standards and very strict guidelines for their product” (Barnes). The food produced for Chipotle is properly well-taken care of. Chipotle offers burrito, burrito bowl, tacos and salad. There are four choices of meat to choose from: chicken, steak, barbacoa and carnitas. It can give customers a variety of choice to select their own food. They are allowed to choose what they would like to add in their order at the cost of less than $10. Chipotle is worth the amount it costs because the workers give large amounts of food in each serving. Each items of food you choose they scoop a spoon full that by the time you pay, you will see a mountain of food piled up. If you would like some water, make sure to ask for a cup of water that are free of charged. With that cup, you get to refill the cup as many times as you want. Chipotle offers a high quality food with high quantity at a low price.

Chipotle provides a relaxed atmosphere for customers to enjoy their meal. There are many Chipotle around the states, but this is the largest Chipotle I have ever seen. There two floors for customers to eat in. The tables are a little far apart compared to other restaurants. The distance between tables gives privacy for customers to do their work or friends to hang out without other people invading their privacy. The music is smooth and loud, but not blasted. The music volume is perfect. Not too loud to out beat customers’ voices and not too low to cause silence. The music helps keep customers’ conversations from being overheard by other people. There are some eat out places that have no songs played so that at times, there are countless  conversations overheard, which is invading people’s privacy. In Chipotle, there is a fair amount of space apart from each table with privacy for groups and alone times for customers.

Overall, everything is good in this Chipotle. It is the best Chipotle I have ever been with the excellent service it provides with fast service and a clean environment. There is also a smooth atmosphere around the store that relaxes the customers with music and provides privacy to all customers. All these objectives have earned Chipotle as one of the customers’ favorite chain restaurants.

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  1. Jonas Reitz says:

    Heads up, it looks like there is a new Chipotle opening up that’s even closer to CityTech – right across the street in the MetroTech center (just past the Starbucks, right next to the temporarily closed Au Bon Pain, just before the Five Guys Burgers). Enjoy!

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