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paneran bread

What Good Bread Taste Like

By: Eboni Boston

Bright colors and comfortable furniture, this restaurant can give a laid back feeling. With scattered tables that coffee sipping readers, chatters and diners enjoy their food. On the shelves of Borough Hall’s Panera Bread restaurant located in the Downtown Brooklyn area, are about two dozen different loaves, pastries and a wide variety bagels. On the walls above the shelves where the dozens of breads are located, a sign reads: “Artisan Breads. It starts every morning as fresh, never frozen dough, and becomes a warm, fragrant, bringer of happiness all day long.” Which made wonder what Artisan Breads are. By just observing the store I came to the conclusion that Artisan Bread is bread that is freshly made and served. However what Artisan Bread really means is that the bread is made in small batches by hand with a long fermentation. Overall Panera Bread has great fresh food and a great atmosphere.

Panera Bread is known for their fresh foods. Its purpose of existing is to sell fresh breads, soups, salads, sandwiches and pastries. The breads are baked fresh daily there are ovens located in the back of the restaurant. Which means that each batch of bread is made overnight and served fresh for every morning. What sets this restaurant aside from any ordinary fast food restaurant is that everything is made FRESH and ON THE SPOT. Some of the sandwiches include turkey artichoke panini and asiago roast beef, and the regular chicken salad and smoked turkey. Although the sandwiches somewhat do not change the soups do change daily. However there are three most popular soups that always stay on the menu. Which are the broccoli and cheese soup, the chicken noodle soup and the French onion soup.

Panera Bread is all about making their customers feel right at home. When walking in, there are a number of comfortable plush chairs, similar to those in a home. As well as art work hanging on the walls. Most restaurants don’t do this because they subject themselves to hard plastic or metal tables and chairs. It’s common to see people in Panera Bread on their laptops or even on the upper level of the restaurant where meetings are sometimes held. Many people feel as though Panera Bread is a nice quite calm place and is a great way to enjoy food as well as completing any work.

As you can see Panera Bread in my opinion is a wonderful place to go to grab a bit to eat and sit down and relax. Most fast food restaurants foods aren’t healthy and the atmosphere isn’t that great. Mainly because of the noise customers and loud music playing. For a customer to able to eat delicious healthy fast food and feel relaxed while enjoying their meal is something all fast food restaurants should strive for. When eating out I always look forward to sitting comfortably and enjoy my food, which Panera Bread Accomplished very well. Although Panera Bread has only been around for about 20 years, they seem to have a wide fan base. Which is cause by how great there foods are and the relaxation customers receive when they dine in. As a rate for Panera Bread, I would give them an A.

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