Profile A Place: City Tech Computer Lab

Brandon Clarke                                                                                               Professor Westengard

English 1101                                                                                                               10/9/13

Profiling the City Tech Computer Lab

            Upon entering the City Tech computer lab located on the 6th floor you are immediately asked to present your student ID. Once it is scanned and given back from the desk attendant you can now quietly enter the dim lit room temperature lab full of students studying, finishing typed assignments, or killing time before the next class. Occasionally you will hear someone’s name being called to come collect their pages from the printer.

As I sat in my corner seat staring at the two tone green walls surrounding me, I began to zone out as the fluorescent lighting’s buzz constantly rang through the still air. Eventually I came to and decided to get back to work doing my assignment on the computer. One of the things that I noticed when walking in for the first time was that the computers were recessed into the table for enhanced privacy. Since I tend to have a short attention span when it comes to working, the clicking of other keyboards along with their mice and the low whirr of CPU fans started to irritate me and I couldn’t focus.

I started to wonder how many computers were actually in the lab and that question was answered when a member of the lab faculty told me “There are at least 400 computers in total inside the lab, 140 are for student use, and the rest are for staff” The lab member also informed me to the rules of the lab. “There are no cell phones, drinks, or eating allowed in the computer lab. The print limit of pages a day is 25, and there is no copying allowed”. Yet I smelled an open bag of chips nearby and saw a few students on cell phones. Such rebels. I finally finished my writing assignment, signed off of the computer and left the lab. Quite a boring experience… Not surprising at all.


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