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Namm Cafeteria: More Than A Place To Eat


Richard Buren



Whether you are waiting for your next class, or wanting to get some food before or after class, or maybe during your free time, Namm Cafeteria is worth trying to go to. Situated inside the New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn, it serves various kinds of foods from snacks to drinks. There are not many rules to observe. Virtually, students are allowed to hang out with friends, do last minute homework, and even use their phones and laptops. This cafeteria is more than a place to eat. It is a place to relax and take a rest from classes


 Namm Cafeteria is a modern and a welcoming place located on the first floor of the Namm building. It is spacious with a vibrant orange and silver décor and can accommodate 250persons in the dining area. In the dining area, the seats are comfortable to enjoy a meal. There is a big kitchen with two stations; one station for pizza and hot foods and another for grill and deep fry. About three to five thousand students come to this place every day that, in order to keep things in order, have to walk past the turnstile to get to the kitchen. It’s kind of an inconvenience because it’s an extra step before people can actually step into the kitchen area but it does serve its purpose to keep the students in check when the kitchen area gets packed.


What the students really like in this cafeteria is that it offers a wide variety of foods, from fresh to homemade. You can satisfy your hunger from having fresh pizza, burgers, breakfast sandwiches, pasta, sushi, salads, hot and off-the-grill foods. Prices are reasonable. If you are on a rush, there are vending machines near the entrance to buy snacks from. Inside you can even buy Starbucks products. Asked why Starbucks, Shanty White, the cafeteria’s manager, said that “the StarBucks was put in to try something new and that there was even Dunkin Donuts before it “and now StartBucks is doing very good. The kitchen closes at 8pm, but the students can hang around in the dining area until midnight.


While successful as it is now, Namm Cafeteria has its rough times in the beginning. Dubbed as the “dirtiest in the borough” by Carla Murphy from PSC Cuny, it was shut down twice due to more than a hundred health code violations. And its contract with the City Tech was terminated. One English teacher named Carole Harris, who was hired in 2006 said “Maybe on a handful of occasions I’d eaten there, but it just seemed so unappealing I started bring my lunch” (Carla Murphy, PSC Cuny) but he wasn’t the only one who had the same problem also his student had the same reaction too. Today, it has turned over a new leaf, however. City Tech renewed its contract with the cafeteria and reopened in2012 under a new management of Ms. White. Having paid extra attention to cleanliness, as it gets cleaned 5 to 6 times a day, it gets an A grade from the Health Department.


Namm Cafeteria has become more than a great place to get good food but also a place for students to hang out with friends, do homework and just relax from a long day of school. With the variety of food, students can always satisfy their hunger at any time. If they are craving something, the Namm Cafeteria would definitely have it at reasonable price. Though it had a rough start, it straightened up and has proved worthy to serve the students of City Tech.


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