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Are You Lost?
By: Kaveesh Singh

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Navigating through college can be difficult whether it be important upcoming events or even just finding your way around the campus. The information service center or as its commonly called The Welcome Center is the place that will solve all your questions. The center is located in the Namm building room A114, more specifically the first floor atrium. The Welcome Center is an amazing place where students can get information about City Tech’s events, activities, and services in a welcoming atmosphere, but an even better place to help someone with directions to just about anywhere.

As you open the glass doors of the Welcome Center you’ll directly face one of the few receptionists there. At first glance they may seem intimidating especially for a freshman college student, however, they are actually very welcoming. The center looks much more modern and updated compared to some of the other places in the Namm building of City Tech. Embellished with bright red chairs that almost look like you’re sitting on a tomato. As well as, the great lighting that surrounds the entire center and reflects off of each and every chair that just boosts your morale.

Also, as you go deeper in and take seat within the Welcome Center you notice that there are a handful of computers which are used to assist students with their technological questions. As stated in The Companion for the First Year at City Tech, “The student computing help desk can assist students’ technology questions regarding student Email…”(84). As well as, it’s a perfect place that provides peace and quiet in which the only thing you can hear is the hushed chatter between the receptionists.

Furthermore, The Welcome Center helps to provide information to fellow students. I was able to interview Gladus a worker at the Welcome Center and ask her a few questions that would give us a better understanding about the center. I asked Gladus what was the most commonly asked question and simple put she said, “Directions!”. As a new student we all constantly get lost and we try so hard to find a place that just seems to be invisible to us so, if that ever happens the Welcome Center is the place to go. Just to make sure you don’t get lost again, they even take it a step further and help to point you and even walk you because sometimes we all know the map is never really helpful and Gladus summarizes this as, “Good customer service!”. Also, for all of you freshman college students out there you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about going to the Welcome Center because not only freshman go to the center many upperclassmen and parents come to gather information about events, activities, or even simply just for the school WiFi password, “Mostly everybody.”, is what Gladus had to say.

On another note, I was curious to whether the Welcome Center had any objectives, goals, or standards that they set for themselves to achieve and Gladus eagerly replied, “Yes we do, we like to help them as much we could.”. It was a very broad and general answer, however, Gladus’ tone made it feel like she really meant it. For a college student that made me breathe easier to know there was someone there to make college life a little less stressful. Besides that, I was pondering over my first thoughts about the receptionists while I was patiently waiting for Gladus, I wondered on whether the center was run by students or faculty. Apparently, it’s run by students specifically college work study and college assistant so there was no need to be worried at all because they were once college freshman too Gladus stated, “We have good students, when they need help they know they could come to me and I’ll help them.”, which to me sounds very reassuring that the Welcome Center staff are really there to help students to make the best out of there college experience.

Hence, the Welcome Center does have a very welcoming presence. Whether your new to City Tech or your about graduate the Welcome Center will always be there to help. A place where you can get as Gladus states, “Good customer service.”.

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