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Planning To Join The Theater?

By: Jessica Santana


  I’ve always come across on how students have a different personality when it comes to school. Each has a different interest in what makes them unique. It’s really the impression that you want to give when meeting new people. Just like the theater creates an illusion of reality that holds an impression. Even if you’re the one who’s used on being called a shy kid that sits in the corner of the class or even the outgoing person who is willing to step up to express themselves. That’s where the theater comes into play, it would either break your shyness or to just let you be yourself. Although there are some ups and downs you need to focus on the positives and minimize the negatives. If you pass by the theater or have the chance to go, there is much skills you will need to learn in order to join the theater program.

  The focus on the theater is for students to learn the basics on how to design, build, and maintain attractions. The studies in which city tech can provide them with a number of classes. It’s the understanding of how the equipment is used such as camera positions, lighting, green screen, and blocking the actors. What makes the upcoming production unique was the first thought that came upon my mind. Every year the department creates a fun filled attraction for the celebration of halloween. According to one of the professors in the department the technology which triggers lights, sounds, and effects really makes it worthwhile. With that answered it occurred to me while looking around the stage it takes much students to put this whole thing together. Who knew while being on stage can give a person different kinds of emotions. Everything seems so bigger, and suddenly you imagine a crowd just staring at you while you can either feel good or turn into a nervous wreck. The department’s faculty consists of experts in the entertainment industry all with professional experience and credentials. So why not take an in interest with the theatrical troupe?

  As I walked down the stairs heading towards the stage I decided to ask a student on his idea of the theater. His response towards this was anybody can do it you just have create a vivid imagination and actually want to do it. For example the part of design is doing the research, that’s when you can create an idea. Looking into the Brooklyn history, how it was settled, the names of characters of the past and use some of those names and create into characters for the production of the haunted hotel. To my understanding anybody who is willing to help out a hand can feel what its like to be part of something wonderful. They will post up some flyers around the building for anybody who will audition and take part of a play. They will be held for a certain time and if you are interested you can contact a number of professors. Remembering what he had said, its always good to do a little research of a back story. That is where the fun usually is. Uncovering stories that can make a performance a successful show.

  This helps students gain valuable hands on experience, just as in a professional environment students work together to install and trouble shoot all the systems needed for a successful show. With a mix of theory and practice City Tech’s courses prepare students for careers in the entertainment industry. There is much equipment to get passed by. The equipment may be there for your use but its also your responsibility to put in the work and dedication to make it further for your future career.

  With just an idea of what the theater offers it is a really interesting way to learn more on entertainment. You don’t necessarily have to be talented in the aspect of acting you just need to be focused on whats the role your going to be in and maintain in character. They don’t only do school performances, they also work with many theatre related companies in respective communities. So why not take a part of it? It will surely help you to express the creative minds each one of us has. Also check out the school website on more information on the theatre works.

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