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How Can The Student Life and Development Help You?


Darlene Mariano

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What’s the first thought that comes to mind when you think about the Student Life and Development? As I made my way up to G-516, all these different thoughts came to mind. Was it place full of students looking for activities to do within the school?  I thought that maybe I’d see students talking about which clubs were the most fun or where the best place to go around the campus was. These thoughts were a little bit different from what I had seen.

To get to the student life and development room, after having walked up the five flights of stairs in the atrium building and made a right,  I had to pass these group of individuals who were in a world of their own as they sat there, getting a little too into these games they were playing. I’ve never passed the “gamers” until that day, but as I made my way through them and turned to my left passing these two doors that led to the Student Life and Development room, the noise dwindled down to make way for an empty hallway. Some idle chatter and maybe even a few laughing individuals could lead you to the Student Life and Development room which is to your right once you pass the hallway.

Walking into the Student Life and Development room, a bunch of posters full of club advertisements and upcoming events were all over the place. As I looked around, I noticed that it wasn’t a place full of students, but the people working there were ready to help anyone who walked in. My first impression would be that it’s a very helpful place because as I stood there trying to figure out what to do, someone immediately came up and asked me if I needed any help.

I spoke to one of the workers who grabbed my attention as I stood there. She asked me if I needed any help and I immediately explained to her about this project. She then got up and walked over to this office door and spoke to someone there. A few seconds later, the director of the Student Life and Development introduced himself to me as Daniel Fictum, shook my hand, and then proceeded to welcome me into his office.

In the director’s office, I sat down in front of his desk that had a computer, a bunch of paperwork, and a picture frame. He sat down and we began this “interview.” He explained to me the process of starting clubs and all the other activities that the Student Life and Development plans. I learned that the student life and development works mainly with the clubs within the school and that all the events we see on fliers such as the open mic or the DJ showdown are planned through the student life and development. They are also the ones behind orientation, the club fair, celebration months, etc. The Student Life and Development also works directly with the student government association or the SGA to do fundraisers for the clubs and figure out how clubs can get funding. This is usually through the budget that’s derived from the students through a small part of their tuition. As my interview with the director went on, I heard the others outside continue on with their work, talking to some students who walked in and out, typing away on their computers, and communicating with each other.

The director also gave me a little insight into what he does for the student life and development. As he described to me his responsibilities, I could see him ponder about all the different duties that are a part of his job. The few responsibilities he told me included that he works directly with some of the bigger programs going on in the school, he oversees any problems within the clubs, and he advises student government. Not only does the Student Life and Development have this great director, who seems to enjoy the duties he performs, they also offer students a place to work with them as well. This is done through a work study and all a student would have to do is schedule a meeting with the director.

The Student Life and Development also have these leadership training weekend retreats and I found that to be really amazing because it’s all paid for and all a student needs to do is apply. This was told to me by a student who worked there named Trevor Lewis. Trevor was nice enough to also do a small interview with me. He told me that not many students go there, but many students who are generally involved with clubs always find their way there. He told me that the Student Life and Development tries their best to “incorporate students into academic programs.”

The Student Life and Development is a place to go if you want to start a club or ask about clubs. It’s got an amazing bunch of people working there who will be more than happy to help you. Not only can you find clubs there, but the people working there can help you find out about some upcoming events or trips. So, if you feel the need to get involved at City Tech, but have no clue about any clubs, find your way up to the Student Life and Development.

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