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A Bookstore with the Perfect Taste


Kelly Laurent

In New York City College of Technology’s General building at the corner of Tech Place and Adams Street you will see windows with shelves containing snacks, cereal, and lab coats; this is the bookstore and café in City Tech. If you think that the bookstore and café is ran by City Tech you are mistaken. This bookstore and café is owned and serviced by the company named Follett. The City Tech’s Bookstore and Café is the perfect place to buy your school supplies and get a quick meal or just sit down and relax. My experience there was wonderful.

When entering the bookstore on Adams Street, the first thing that catches the eye is the difference in look the bookstore has from the rest of the school. The bookstore is dimly lit but the natural light from outside illuminates the room. The brown book stands and walls, the blue and brown carpet, and the low playing popular music makes the bookstore feel relaxing. The Namn building is dim lit but not doesn’t have a relaxing feel due to the fact that students frequently pass through the hall. The Atrium building is brightly lit and when class is over and during community hour it is usually loud. While going down the stairs on the left I saw friendly cashiers at the register and the sales associate in the front helping out the customers. Looking for most of my class book was easy because of the labels that state the subject and the major of the section. Next to the book is a light blue or green paper that writes more information about the book. I did not find all of my books on the shelf but the sales associate was glad to assist me. When ordering a book I had to fill out an order form and give in the money, by the following day I received a phone call early in the morning stating that my book was there. Because it was a Saturday and the store closed by the time I woke up, I picked the book up on Monday and was surprised that the cashier who serviced me, Ashley, remembered me and my order. I was surprised, yet glad that the whole process was quick. Although the bookstore is hated for its expensive school books people should use it more to buy their everyday supplies and City Tech gear the material is wonderful. The sweats I brought was very warm in the winter and cool in the summer. When I’m looking for something to throw on the sweats are the first thing I go for.

As I walked further down the book store towards Tech Place, I saw City Tech and Polytechnic gear, lab coats and chef equipment, everyday school supplies, and gift cards. I started to smell croissants and coffee. As I went up and turned left I saw a flat screen television showing current events in and out the school. I also saw a seating area with a few round tables with a couple of chairs. As I moved up I saw many popular snacks, cereal, apples and oranges, and the cashier with bagels, microwave, toaster, and coffee maker behind them. This is now the café. The way that the café is structured I could not hear or see anything that is happening in the bookstore. I never knew the café was located in the bookstore until I smelt the wonderful aroma of food. I have always brought food outside for lunch but when I saw that the café sells paninis, beef patties and burgers for lunch at a low price I definitely had to try it out. Even though it was lunch time I was craving for a bagel with cream cheese which I brought for $1.50. The bagel was buttery and delicious, although they did not put a lot of cream cheese; it was good for the price it was brought for. If you request more cream cheese they would be more than glad to give you more.

When I went to sit down to eat due to the few amount of tables and chairs many people asked to sit at the same table as you which, as a freshmen, is the perfect opportunity to get to know other people in the campus. The café is not a place that people must talk in a low tone but rowdiness isn’t allowed either. Due to limited seating space, even if a couple of friends are talking it isn’t as loud as the school’s cafeteria. You can always listen to music to cut out any disturbing noises if you want to study or do your homework. You can also get Wi-Fi in the café but its City Tech’s Wi-Fi and has to follow their process in order to connect with it. The snacks around me was a big temptation, so people on a healthy diet that lose it when they are around a lot of snacks should eat their healthier choices like fruits or a granola bar. During my time there I listened to music, studied and text, it was the same peace I get when I eat outside in the seating area in Boerum Place between Adams Street and Fulton Mall. The only difference is I don’t have to be next to the pigeons flying around and the sun is not in my face neither is it too hot or too cold.

The best part about the City Tech Bookstore and Café is that anyone can work there. The worker, Ashley said “Since the bookstore and café isn’t City Tech owned, working there will be considered working a regular job, not work study. Workers also alternate job positions from the café’s cook to the bookstore’s cashier.” So if you are looking for a first time job or a job close to school this is a great place to apply for. The only time the bookstore is busy is during the fall and spring semesters but during the winter and summer semesters there isn’t much customers. The café is also busy during the fall and spring semesters around ten o’clock and eleven o’clock, after the café isn’t that busy. The main problem that everyone has with the bookstore is the high prices of the books compared to the online stores. The reason the books are expensive is because the City Tech Bookstore buys their books from the manufacturer, so they are not a third party seller like the online sellers. The benefit of the bookstore is that they will buy back for a higher price than the online sellers.

The store manager Melissa White stated in a New York City College of Technology article that “[This is] a place for students and the general public to relax and unwind right on Adams Street during the day and in the evening.” (par. 6) The bookstore and café needs all the support it can get; for a school café it is just right. This will be my destination to buy my books for a rest of the school year and my lunch.

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