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The Sweet and Sour Trip
By : Clarissa De La Rosa


Finally class is over and I’m free, well at least I thought I was! I just remembered that I have an essay assignment due for my hospitality class on Thursday. This assignment is 15% of my grade so it has to been done on time. The problem is I have no printer at home, I can’t concentrate at home, and if I don’t do it now I’m going to procrastinate and leave it for the last minute. It is 12:45 now and my math class is at 4:00, so I will be doing the usual going downstairs to the Atrium Learning Center in the first floor of the atrium building, when you enter through the doors on Jay street you and in and walk straight through the double doors and into the lounge on the left, and doing all the research needed for my essay, then typing it and printing it.

I open the door of the center and the student in the front desk says, “Your city tech ID card please” and I give it to her. Then she asks “What are you here for?” I respond, for the internet. She then swipes my ID card through the machine. Another worker leads me to a computer with a bright red label reading internet station 16. I sit on the soft comfortable rolling computer chair and lean back to the pillow like back of the chair and lay my bag and books on the desk. There is so much space for me to put my stuff down, write, move my arms, and not feel uncomfortable in between two other people.
I’m researching information and all I hear are the clicking sounds of students typing on the keyboards. No mouths are moving no students are having conversations. The only thing that I hear are computer tutors whispering to help students format documents, print, and fix power points. The fans blow fresh cold air all around the center and the motor sounds of the fans are like a soothing lullaby. I look up and I start to gaze off while staring at fair low lights and the dull boring white walls. This peace and serenity is making me fall asleep.

This is not the most exciting place to be at on your free time, but the only thing keeping me up and going is my goal to finish my assignment early and get that A I want. Why not take advantage of my free time and get over with my work. Plus it is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. I still had a lot of research to do and time was on my mind. I was worried that there was a time limit for using the computers, so I asked one of the student workers and he responded, “There is no time limit, you can feel free to use it for as long as you like”. I was so surprised when I heard that response, so this means I can take up to three hours finishing this assignment and no one is going to ask me to get up, no one is pressuring me, and there is not a creepy teacher standing over my shoulder looking at what I am doing on the computer. There was another worry in my mind, I wasn’t sure how much papers I was allowed to print so I asked the same worker and he responded, “You can print up to 50 pages per student” (anonymous 1).

This experience is so helpful. I feel so free to do my assignment and the environment forces me to concentrate. We all look like focused robots working machines in a factory. I feel like this is my own personalized desk at home, It’s just amazing how convenient this learning center is for me and many city tech students as well. Not only does this center offer you computers and your own space to work on your assignments but it offers many tutoring resources like as stated in the college learning center website, “Limited tutoring service is available to assist students on a drop in basis” (Atrium Learning Center 1). Many subjects offered for tutoring include anatomy, math, English, biology, hospitality management and many more. The tutoring sessions are helpful and personal because you schedule an appointment with a tutor from the subject you would like at the time you want, by calling the center or online on the Atrium Learning Center’s website. The tutor will personally come in and tutor you one on one in small rooms that the center provides for these sessions. The session is held for as long as you would like as long as the tutor is available. The center also helps you with registering for your classes for the upcoming semester and printing the schedule for you.

The best part overall of this center is that city tech students make this center we support it through our tuition fees, it is our learning center. So why not use it and take advantage of its availability that benefits you. This benefits you academically because it can help you get your assignments done and offer help with any troubles you are having in class, managing your time because if you have a two hour break between two of your classes you can use your time wisely and get all your homework done, and helps you relieve stress that not having a printer or computer might cause you.

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