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                 Skills to becoming a Successful College Student


                                         Breyona George

College is a big difference from high school for most students.  It is often hard for students to make the transition into this new setting both socially and academically. To comprehend and complete academic tasks successfully; research, brainstorming, and time management, are skills that can help students to make the transition less hectic.

Comprehension of an assignment is the ability to understand what is being asked in the assignment allowing you to complete the academic tasks successfully. Without comprehension of the task you are unable to complete what is being asked.

Research is the first step when receiving an assignment, especially if needing further insight of the assignment. Reading the assignment thoroughly and understanding what is asked is important, according to Conley, D.T in the article “Components in a Comprehensive Definition of College Readiness” it states, “Be sure to take complete and easily readable notes as you do your research. You’ll never be able to keep straight what each of the authors has said if you don’t have detailed records of what you’ve read,” without understanding and an idea of the assignment you cannot begin. If having issues understanding what is being asked, communication with the professor can help. Asking them questions can further explain the topic or help to begin the assignment. Researching through the library, the internet, and books can give ideas “students must also be able to access a variety of types or information from a range of locations, formats, and source environments,” but never copy any one else’s idea without citing them.  It is important that incorporation of the information that is found is used properly to write the paper or report.

brainstorming     Brainstorming would consist of making a draft or outline, stated on the website  “write down whatever thoughts come to mind. Don’t worry about structure or grammatical accuracy,” to help begin the paper. An outline would consist of the information found during your research, a thesis, and an idea of what is in the body paragraphs. It is easier to form paragraphs if you write down your ideas. Writing an outline will also make it easier when sitting down to type the paper, writer’s block will not be an issue because there is a straightforward plan. Once there is a plan executing ideas on paper is a million times easier.

Time management outside of the classroom sometimes is hard for students,on the website it is stated that, “Time management is about effective scheduling of your time, goal setting, prioritizing and choosing what to do and what not to do, delegating tasks, analyzing and reviewing your spent time, organizing your workspace, keeping your concentration and focus at your work, motivating yourself to work towards a goal.” With balancing of the workload it will allow students not to be backed up with too much work. Setting dates and being aware of due dates is also important, according to the article Components in a Comprehensive Definition of College Readiness” “accurately estimating how much time it takes to complete all outstanding and anticipated tasks and allocating sufficient time to complete the tasks,” will allow students to make sure all of their assignment are on time. Creating a weekly plan helps make things easier.  It is important to prioritize. Decide on what is important and how quickly it needs to be done doing papers and drafts before the last minute are proper time management skills; procrastination does not help at all! Make a blank calendar at the beginning of each week, fill in Monday-Sunday with all of your assignments on their due dates. This will help you determine which topics need to be completed in what order. This will allow you to stay on top of your assignments and their due dates. Example below,

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday      
Due Date 9/23 9/24 9/25 9/26      
  English Paper Math Handout FREE Food & Sanitation Submission      
        Electronic Profile      
  Culinary Demonstration            

Research, brainstorming, and time management are components that need to be expressed as you continue into the college. They give students the ability to forge ahead and equip them for success further into their college careers and also in careers such as managing employees in a food & beverage operations position or even accounting. These attributes can help college students make the transition from a high school student into a successful college student and employees.

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