College Skills: Time Management

Running Out of Time, Help !!

By: Roselyn Cintron

Ordinary people think merely of spending time. Great people think of using it.
                                   -Author Unknown      

It’s the night before an exam and all you have is 4 hours to study, what do you do? Your panicking because you’re running out of time and should of took the advice learned in high school. We hear all the time in High School how important College Readiness is and one thing is time management. Time management is “how long working hours are spent and how efficient we use our time to make work efficient” ( As a Hospitality Management student, it’s hard to juggle time with so much going on. You need time to do homework, to work and to visit events. As students we should just remember to prioritize important tasks and leave unimportant tasks for later.

Most college students always run out of time because we have deadlines to meet and usually don’t use our time wisely. The students, who try to use their time wisely, may or may not know how to manage it. A good way to manage time is “Accurately estimating how much time it takes to complete all outstanding and anticipated tasks” (Conley D.T. Vol. 3). Some students or maybe I’m just speaking for myself, don’t estimate how long the assignment we’re assigned would take, whether its hours or days. It’s also really important to make enough time throughout the day to get enough work done. As some teachers say, for every hour you spend in class you should spend double that time at home. Calendars and daily planners are an efficient way to keep track of time to help organize study sessions, social life and work. Keeping track of what needs to be done is helpful to manage time properly. You can always say no to friends but you can also fit them into your schedule if you “Prioritize study time in relation to completing demands such as work and socializing” (Conley D.T. Vol.3). This is how we feel when time is running out; (BlogSpot). Most of our time is wasted on twitter, facebook, phone calls and emails, which causes us to forget about deadlines. If you buy a planner, make sure to write what needs to be done and how long it will take to do it. Remember to always make time for school and work, leave the fun for later. Turn off your phone if the unimportant things get in your way. Always focus on what’s important.As a hospitality student it’s difficult to make time for everything, especially since there are so much things going on. For example you have a huge chapter to read for one of your classes and there’s an event on food and wine that would help you with your career, but if you go to the event you’ll lose two hours of reading. Here’s an option, go to the event for an hour since its beneficial and read on the train ride home to make up for the time lost. There’s always time for everything and you can always catch up on studying or homework on the train.

No one really pays mind to the importance of time. Time is never ending, you can’t stop time. If you wait till the last minute to get a task done, there is a possibility you won’t get it in done in time or it wouldn’t get done properly. Always make sure to spend enough time on work, at least two hours a day is good to spend on one class. Don’t be the one to panic when time runs out; manage your time properly with the useful techniques you just read about.

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  1. nicole marie says:

    If there was ever a perfect time for me to have read this article, it was today. As a hospitality student myself, I understand how some of the work can be overwhelming to deal with. Managing school priorities with work and a social life is hard, but you’re right it isn’t impossible. Some of the tips you’ve mentioned really did help me, next time I’m doing an assignment i’ll turn off my phone. Another big tip that helped was, writing the amount of time needed for each assignment. I always marked my assignments down, but now I can stay even more organized by managing the time needed for each project. I can even use my hour train ride to school to catch up on my reading. Overall I do appreciate this reading, and thank you for the helpful tips for managing my time Roselyn!

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