College Skills: Academic Knowledge and Skills

New college students need a basic idea on how college readiness will help them along the way. There are different ideas in how one can learn if applied in a specific academic or career field. Take in mind how in English two academic skill areas are identified over and over. In this case the main idea would be the difference in writing and researching.

Research is defined as the process of gathering information for a subject. When attending college courses students are required to find a variety of ways to manage time in finding reliable sources. There are different types of research such as descriptive and analytical. The difference between this is that analytical has facts or information ready to analyze while descriptive reports on what’s going on around them. It all results on the variety of information and range of questions.

Writing is the source in which students can build up their vocabulary and word analysis skills. The knowledge and skills are developed to create a well written and supported work. Writing is a way to write about anything but can include some spelling mistakes, errors in grammatical, etc.

An example of this is researching that requires more information because you discover and focus on a certain topic. You later find and select a reading source where you can cite it and put into an MLA format. To keep things organized students should write an outline in which they should ask themselves a few question writing down the topics, why is it important, is the material relevant, what is the thesis or the purpose of the statement being made. In “The Art Of Case Study Research” Stake gives examples on how to analyze qualitative data on writing. This type helps in the research fields of education. Another example is that in different courses such as Math and Social Studies fall into the research category. They both require a skill that will help you along the way. Lets take a moment to see how in Math and Social Studies emphases the analytical part of the research. Each has a different theory that breaks into their own techniques, much as social studies knowledge is key point to the evidence needed for a research paper. It is a smart idea if you give yourself the time to have a good amount of study time to research.

“Perhaps the difficult task a researcher can come across upon is designing good questions, that is direct but not hard to answer” – Robert E.Stake 15 this should make students focus on the reality that it’s not so difficult learning a new idea. Overall the purpose of understanding this is to get a sense on how your future assignments in any class course you might take would lead you in the right direction. While learning more upon critical thinking and techniques, challenge yourself in what you already know and then compare it to essays you did in the past. Making a note of this would increase your chances in the course. Another thing is when you understand the idea fully you’ll have no trouble at all when it comes to clear and concise writing.

In conclusion, these are the comprehension skills that aid will help you succeed in college. Take advantage of this notes and use the wisely.





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  1. jiajie tan says:

    As you state, the time management is important too, also writing a good essay can not without reading a lot of literature. More knowledge and experience in your brain will help you develop the essay; in a addition, write more can improve the comprehension skill. Research paper is a obbligato assignment, this depends on how you mange your time and the research you did. Overall the purpose of research, is the way that elevates the quality of your future assignments. In Fact, to ask a few of questions about the topic to yourself is a method that hold you in a right direction, I truly agree of it. I would remind myself with the skills which you have mentioned. At the end, I sincerely thanks the advice you have given and treasure it.

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