College Skills: “Time Management”

Achieving Success with Time.


Elizabeth Zhagui

“Don’t be late to class” was the most common advice given by many of the students attending City Tech.  Time management is one of the many important college skills that is necessary to achieve your academic goals as a college student.  It is important to keep track of your class syllabus which includes the due dates of each assignment required to hand in. Achieving great time management will help improve your academic behavior also by presenting decent assignments.  I’ll try my best to providing tips on how to achieve time management, give information on the importance of time management for life and career in addition to college and the negative consequence of bad time management.

To achieve great time management a person should be organized, responsible and aware of their given deadline.  For example, based on the article “Components in a Comprehensive Definition of College Readiness” Conley mentions “Specific time management techniques and habits include accurately estimating how much time it takes to compete all outstanding and anticipated tasks and allocating sufficient time to complete the tasks” (Conley, D. T Page 6).  Purchasing an assignment planner wouldn’t be a bad idea it will help keep every event in order, such as test dates, work days, family reunions and much more.  Putting up post-its in the mirror bathroom to prevent from forgetting to do or hand in a specific assignment will give you a better opportunity to achieve your given task. In order to have enough time, it will be helpful to setting up alarms or writing it down on your phone calendar with its specific name and due time.  It is important to keep in mind that not every event goes according to plan, making sure to plan ahead and provide extra time for unexpected situations.

Time management is an important fundamental for business, according to the article “Time Management Practices and Its Effective on Business Performance” Adebisi, J.F mentions “It is one of the fundamental skill needed to be successful in life but people including business organization failed to treat it as serious factor to their survival”.  Being able to achieve great time management is a skill that will help present any requirements on time.   Based on the article time management is a necessary skill for a business organization to be successful, time has to go in on scheduling conference, being able to create and present a project on time, which may take up many day to achieving a perfect result.  If you were planning on presenting a deal to safe money for the business you’re working for your research should be organized and well developed which most likely take about weeks or even months for you to be able to now it’s the right project to present to your bosses.  Which will take up most of your time, that’s where time management takes an important role.  Planning ahead for any task and giving an extra time to completing it is important because you won’t have to deal with any last minute project to complete. Using the given time wisely and correctly for any project will provide you with a greater possibility of presenting a decent assignment.  By providing with a well done project will create a positive and professional impression giving you a stress free environment.

Having bad time management will provide negative consequences affecting your future plans.  Leaving assignments for last minute will cause you an unpleasant situation.  It could prevent you from attending an event you were expecting to attend.  I always had the bad habit of leaving everything for last minute, school work but personal things too.  Leaving me with little time to organize and hand presentable work. There were many situations where I had to miss out or cancel events with family members because of my bad time management.  Not leaving everything for last minute will provide you with a stress free environment

In conclusion being open minded and organize with time will give a great life experience and prevent stressful situations.  Time management is a great skill to achieve that will help accomplish many goals. Giving you a better attitude in both work and home also a better environment for yourself, family and working members.  In addition the key for presenting a great task is to not leave it for last minute. “One cannot create, store or save time to use another day” (Adebisis, J.F).

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