College Skills: Time Management

Are You Able to Manage Your Time in College?


Esther Kee

You may feel the pressure and the stress being college students, having an early class schedule, studying for all classes, and attempting to finish all your essays, and homework in the last minute, or possibly even managing to find time for work, social life, and families at the same time. In order to be college ready, time management skills are very important. College students need to understand how to manage their time with school while having a job, social life, and stop procrastinating! The lack of time management may lead to poor performance, stress, and pressure, and wasting your time.

Most of the college students are working and having school at the same time. Nowadays, many college students are working to support themselves, and according to the article, “Balancing Act: Tips for College Students to Best Manage their Time,” by Emily Driscoll, she stated that “Many students are working during college to support themselves financially, something experts say is like working two full-time jobs” (Driscoll). It’s really hard to manage the time with two full-time jobs in a day and then cramming all your homework at midnight. In addition, an U.S. census report stated in Driscoll article shows that about one fifth out of 19.7 million college undergraduates are working full-time with at least 35 hours in a week. (Driscoll). In order to manage your time as college students, the article “Components in a Comprehensive Definition of College Readiness,” by Conley, listed some time management techniques, include “Accurately estimating how much time it takes to complete all outstanding and anticipated tasks and allocating sufficient time to complete the task” (Conley, p. 16). You need to understand what is urgent that you need to do first.

Many college students have their friends, and families they need to spend time with, and they need their social life. How many hours in a day can a student fit in, with full-time school, work, then spending time with their friends, and families? Most college students always neglect their friends and family after going to college with tons of work to do. According to the article, “The Effect of College Students Struggling to Balance School and Work,” by Linda Emma, she stated in her article that “In school, you can fail; at work, you can get fired. Perhaps that’s why students often neglect their personal relationships before putting in a shoddy performance in the classroom or on the job” (Emma). What she had said was really true, but if you have a good time management skills, you could possibly get everything done and still have the time for your social life. We do require our friends and families in sometime in our life. Therefore, you can try multi-tasking and see or talk to them any moment possible when you’re free. Even during your lunch break, or whenever, before the relationship gets damaged by neglecting it.

Most college students tend to procrastinate and they really need to stop. Students often get the work done when the deadline is met. In my point of view, procrastination occurs when students want to avoid doing all these papers, essays, and homework, so they choose to procrastinate and do it last minute. Or sometimes they are just lazy. However, procrastination in college will have a really negative effect toward your grades, for cramming everything in, the day before and doing your essay, when professors gave you the two weeks’ time to finish. In addition, not only does procrastination give negative effect toward your grades, but it will also have a negative effect towards your career field. I’m assuming not every boss will like employees procrastinating when your boss needs the work done at the moment. Giving a shoddy work will lead to reducing the quality, and end up a failing grades in school, and getting fired in your career field. Time management is really important for procrastinating students. Instead of pushing everything until the deadline, make a list of what to do each day, or every hour and try to get them done. Yes, it may be a huge stress; however, it will lead you to better grades and being stress-free after you finish your work!

Managing your time precisely with no procrastination will be no problem when dealing with college, jobs, and your social life. Everything may be stress and pressure at first, but if you got the hang of managing your time college will be outstanding! So in order to be college readiness, plan and set your time management skill.

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