Plan for Action

Authors: Rownak, Jordan & Naveeda


  1. Plan For Action


We have cultivated a strategy around bringing awareness to the mistruths Whole Foods has been selling its consumers. From this was birthed the idea of relabeling items for what they’re “missing”.


  1. We will go into a Whole Foods Store located at Union Square on Thursday, January 21, 2016 and place stickers on products that contain GMOs. We will have 4 different stickers simultaneously arranged on different fruits and packaging throughout the store:
  • “Did you know that I am not supposed to look like this?”
  • “I am a GMO product, don`t eat me!”
  • “I am only ONE of the GMO products sold in this store.”
  • “Did you know that the associates around you are trained to say  That they do not sell GMO products?”

2. We will be buying stickers in bulk at We will buy 5 sheets of 10 matte small rectangular stickers at a cost of $13.99 (as of December 14, 2015). $4.99 will be charged for Economy Shipping, which will take approximately a week to two weeks to ship. $18.98 will be the total cost with tax and shipping included. 9 members make up the GMO Project therefore each person will pay $2.11. Samantha will collect all the money and pay back the person who paid for the total cost at the time of ordering.

3. On January 21, all group members will wear a lime green top with black pants and black shoes along with any color cap with the purpose of identifying each member while we are in the store.

We as an organization plan to then further apply this strategy in other NYC whole foods in hopes that other organizations will join our movement and carry out our plan in other major cities.

Unocvering the truth about GMO's