Explore Tactics

Authors:  Rownak, Jordan & Naveeda

  1. To change the labels on certain foods in either a Whole Foods store or a known supermarket such as Stop & Shop, or a warehouse chain such as Costco.
  2. To place a sticker on the board displaying the price, which would show which foods contain GMO`s and which ones don’t. We want to show the public exactly what they are ingesting.
  3. To change restaurant sanitation scores into GMO scores, to show that an A is equivalent to a restaurant that does not use any GMO`s in the food served to customers. Members of the group would create their own scores and place it over the original scores of certain restaurants to get the point across that the food served should not have any GMO substances within it. Preferably over chain restaurants, since these are the ones who can afford to use quality ingredients but choose not to for business reasons.
  4. To have a list of ingredients displayed in the major Pizza stores in the country such as Papa John`s, Dominoes, and Pizza Hut, to show the extensive amount of GMO`s located in their pizza through the ingredients they call natural.
  5. Will get a big pack of tomatoes from the store that we will be exposing, to show how they use GMO products in the food that they sell to the consumers, potentially harming our health and our way of life. We will hand these tomatoes out on the sidewalk in front of the store and each tomato will contain a toothpick with a little piece of paper attached to the top. On one side of the paper, a question will be displayed: “Are you sure you know what you’re eating?” This is in order to catch the consumer`s attention. Then, on the other side of the paper, there will be hashtags linked to a Twitter and/or Facebook page (that was created by us) which shows information about GMO`s and the harmful effects it can have on the human population.

Unocvering the truth about GMO's