Vision Statement

Vision Statement

We The GMO Project seek to reveal the truth surrounding GMOs. By uncovering Whole Foods participation in distribution and consumption of GMO sourced foods we aim to expose the misleading claims made by the chain. By continuously questioning their statements in conjunction with investigating the sources of their food we will not rest until the truth is out there. We believe consumers have a right to know where there food comes from and what is really in it and making the food market transparent is our mission.

Who Are We?

We are the students of English 1710 – Introduction to Language and Technology. Collaboratively we cultivated a plan of action against Whole Foods and their deception of portraying themselves as a non GMO chain store.

Find out more about us by clicking on our profiles and support the movement by following our hashtag #TheGMOproject

Samantha                                                                    Fola

Chris                                                                               George

Thaer                                                                              Naveeda

Ahmad                                                                            Jordan

Rownak                                                                        Professor Leston


Unocvering the truth about GMO's