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Week 5: Seitan and Tofu Demonstration

On week 5, Maurilio and I were the two chefs of the day. Each teams produced seitan products including: basic seitan, seitan wheatballs, kind-to-cows seitan, and smoky sausages. In addition, Professor Hoffman did a step by step demonstration on making tofu.

Basic Seitan is a wheat-based product that is high in protein. The process of making this product is by mixing wheat gluten, seasonings, and flavored liquid (vegetarian stock). The dough is boiled in seasoned liquid or vegetarian stock for about 1 hour.

Tofu Demonstration:

The first step of making tofu is by rinsing and soaking soybeans overnight in water. The bean mixture is pureed and cooked for 10 minutes.

The mixture gets strained using a damp cheesecloth and then squeezed to remove all of the excess soy milk.

The soy milk is placed back on the stove to cook until it reaches 150-155 degrees F. Nigari is added to coagulate the soy milk


The soybean curds gets transferred to a tofu press lined with muslin cloth. The curds gets pressed using a 2 1/2 lbs of weight for about 35 minutes to create a firm texture.

The final product: TOFU