Introduction Of Me

This was me heading prom truly a night to remember

This was me heading prom truly a night to remember

Hello everyone, My name is Dominique Brunson, I’m Trinidadian and American, I’m 18 years old I recently just celebrated my birthday on the first day of classes 08/28/2014 really enjoyed myself it was fun. I love to work out  whether its running 5 miles a day or sprinting on the track I also attend the gym to lift when I have time.I’m a very active person but some days I like to stay in an relax. I’m the type of person who loves to push myself to always do better and complete every goal I make for myself whether its hard or not I strive to get it done. I have one sibling her name is Sukanya she’s 9 year old.

I’m fresh out of High school I graduated from Murry Bergtraum High school on June,26,2014. High school was a great experience my senior year was the best I stayed involved in every activity because I knew that some of my friends were going away and I wouldn’t see them for a great deal of time. But what I will say the friends that I mad will definitely be in my life forever I value my friendships a great deal. Don’t get me wrong high school had its ups and down but I enjoyed those years it kind of shaped me into who I am today. I joined the cheerleading squad, dance squad, was a member of track and field & the softball team, managed ladies volleyball & the softball team. I’m very active when it comes to sports anything when it balls down to it.

Now that I’m a college student at, ” The New York City College Of Technology” I know it going to take some getting used to. One thing I absolutely hate is the ling wait for the elevators I have to come a hour early just to be to class on time. In City Tech you don’t see the same people everyday besides in your classes which is guest a complete different environment from high school it reassures me that I am moving on up in life and growing up evolving as a person. I love to meet new people and be involved  and find out what their all about its one of the reasons amongst many others that I choose to major in human services interacting with people being able to be their outlet, listening to them and giving feedback on it someday I hope to become a psychologist that’s my career goal.

When it comes down to writing I feel as if I’m a good writer but I want to be a great writer a very skilled writer. If I’m giving a topic to write about I can brainstorm a lot of ideas involving the topic and really break it down then begin to write. Being a good writer isn’t good enough for me in this class I hope to evolve more as a writer and gain better skills as well as more character in my writing and maybe work a little more on my grammar.

Happiness to me is loving yourself as well as others but you come first how can you spread love to someone else if you don’t love yourself?. Not letting certain things get to you, being a more open person staying involved, and reaching career goals because if you do what you love you’ll be happy