Mirna Ayala

photoHi everyone, my name is Mirna. I’m 18 and will be turning 19 on January 28. I was born and raised in the Bronx and still currently live there. My family is from the Dominican Republic and Puertorico. I have 3 older siblings which are two brothers and a sister. I enjoy reading because to me it’s like an escape, losing yourself in a good book can do wonders for stress. I also enjoy watching movies, shopping, being with family and sleeping.

It didn’t really feel like my first day of college because I took a remedial summer course so I already had a feel of what college was like. Although I hated the thought of going to school during the summer, I’m glad I did now because it didn’t make it so nerve wrecking to start today. I’m shy so it took some getting used to but it’s easier now that I know what it feels like and know what is expected of me. I know it won’t be a easy semester but i’m hoping to stay on track and make the most of this experience.

My career goal is to become a psychiatrist. I’ve always been a confidant for most of my family and friends and I enjoy listening to people, everyone deserves to have an ear to hear them out. I would like to help others in the way I have helped my loved ones simply by listening to their troubles and possibly giving them helpful feedback. I know the job itself wouldn’t be simple but knowing the difference it could make in an individuals life, is worth it.

My weakness in writing is not knowing how to introduce my topic. I stress out about how to engage my readers into my writing without giving away to much information too early. I hope that with time I can learn how to master this weakness and make it something simple. My strength is supporting my topic. Usually the more my writing unravels it’s easier for me to really go into depth with what ever my topic may be but I try not to ramble. What I enjoy about writing is being able to let your ideas out and onto paper where you can share with everyone else and can always keep so you won’t forget (when it comes to free-writing). What I dislike about writing is when you have to provide a lot of thoughts or information about one topic because eventually you begin to ramble and repeat yourself making it boring for you and your readers.

I believe happiness depends on the person therefore it can have a different meaning for different people. In my opinion happiness involves things that make you feel good and forget about the troubles you may be facing at the moment. My happiness is my family and friends. In this course I hope to learn what is the true meaning of happiness and if one definition can really apply to a variety of different peoples outlook on happiness.