Summary/Response to “How Happy Are You? A Census Wants To Know?”

I believe happiness can be measured and promoted to a certain point, obviously you can’t just make a person happy by saying a certain thing to them or by asking a question. Everyone has their own opinion to what happiness means and what to do to make themselves happy. People will be happy if they see change in their community, the government knows what goes on and what people are going through everyday. If they really wanted people to be happy they would just act on it not ask a question on a census. A lot of people don’t even read all the questions through they just skip around or put whatever to get it over with.

Another thing is that honestly only you can make yourself happy because you have your own definition to it and you can change things to better yourself and your life and what you do. The government can only do so much to help a person be happy.





Hey guys , my name is Gabriela Velasquez feel free to call me Gaby. I’m 18 years old and i’ll be 19 in december. I have two sisters and one brother I went to high school in jamaica, queens and I live in Far Rockaway. My goals in life is to be a psychologist for children that are hospitalized and help them get through something that may be very confusing for them.  Over the summer all I did was work and spend my free time with my family.

I believe as a writer i’m really good at it , when I get an assignment I put a lot of thought into  and I can for write about anything , what may be my weakness is that I absolutely cannot write when i’m in a classroom for some reason its like my mind is shy and I cant think of anything. I don’t know if its something that I can control and change or if it’s just who I am. What I enjoy about writing is that it’s a way were you can express what you’re feeling or the way you see things.

Happiness, to me, means doing something that you enjoy or being around people or anything that makes you smile and makes you feel good. Being happy can be just you reading a book or listening to a song that you like. My expectations for this course and for the learning community is to able to speak up more and learn how to work with people that  I don’t know and being able to have a conversation. I want to be a better reader and have better understanding so that my writing can improve.