My Happiest Place in NYC

My happiest place in New York is my new apartment. Growing up my family and I lived in a real tight small studio and I shared a room with my brother and sister. If you were to walk in to the old apartment it was pow the living room the dinning table, move right it was our room then my parents room then walk up and the kitchen was there. So it was really small for 5 people. Growing up and seeing the struggle my goal in life is to give my parents everything and knowing that they struggled really has pushed me. In August I signed a lease and moved my family into a two bedroom apartment.

Being able to have space makes me more comfortable even though being in a tight space made us close. This new apartment is everything to me i’m working and going to school and helping out with bills. When I walk into my apartment i just feel a sigh of relief and a peaceful and calm environment. I can do whatever I want here and not worry about bothering somebody or being in their space. I know people always say they can’t wait to get home from a long day but I honestly really mean that. Seeing how happy my family is makes me happy and it really warms my heart because I know that the new apartment may be their happiest place in new york too. This reminds me of the discussion about how sharing experiences with people can make you happy because thats what really happened in my situation.The new apartment just shows how a family is united and it honestly just shows how everything is peaceful and everyones different personalities.

My happiest place in new york is my apartment, everything in here makes me happy and knowing I did something not only for myself but for my family makes it even more special and knowing that new and better experiences are going to be made is bittersweet to me.