Happiness and Technology

Before looking at these three websites based on happiness I’ve never realized before the role that technology plays in ones happiness. I do believe technology brings happiness to people, depending on how your using it. If your texting a friend, going on social media, taking pictures, using an app or playing a game, that can definitely increase ones happiness. After looking at these sites I honestly thinks it’s a good idea to relate happiness to technology. People are very busy and to be able to go on their phone, which are permanently attached to peoples hand anyway, and bring some happiness their way.

The first link was to a website called Happier. This website offers courses that offer daily lessons that help one learn tips and tricks that are scientifically proven to help focus on what makes someone happier. It offers many things such as ridiculously affordable the courses are, and even some are free. Theres even a on-the-go option where each episode can be completed in under 15 minutes on the web or on a phone. This website basically gives the steps on how to become a better you and courses or episodes can be taken to get you there.

The next link was to a website called Happify. This website is different in the way that everything is based on science. They offer activities and games that help you to train the brain and build skills for lasting happiness. This website helps one reach their goals by recommending daily activities so we can be more excited about our future. Just like the previous website it allows to be used on the phone or a computer. There’s even evidence of how happiness is increased after joining happify.

Finally the last link showed the average happiness for twitter. It shows when happiness was at it’s highest on holidays. This was very interesting to look at, Christmas Day is the highest in happiness, not surprising but interesting to know. All these websites of course have in common, HAPPINESS. I had no idea there were these websites to help people increase their happiness. If it works for someone and has a positive impact then great, go for it. I definitely do think it’s interesting and should be tried. The websites draws me in, it made me want to join, all the pictures and personal stories was one of the main reasons of wanting to join. If it can work for someone else, it can work for me too was a thought as going through the website. Everyone wants happiness so I’m sure others are willing to try.