HUS 1101 Chapter 4 Discussion Questions

Chapter 4

1. Describe the three models of service delivery in terms of how each impact well-being to either individuals, families and /or communities.

The three models of service delivery are the medical model, the public health model, and the human service model. The medical model impact the well-being of individuals with mental disabilities receive medication, physical therapy if needed (receive treatment from a physician in a hospital or medical center). The public health model impacts families and communities its delivers treatment to those who have been victims of abuse,poverty,or specific illnesses.This model is viewed by the malfunctions of the environment, it focuses on preventing the problem. The human service model impacts well-being because it focuses on balancing out the interaction between individuals and their environments, focusing on environmental conflicts.


2. Describe how Philippe Pinel impacted the well-being of those with mental illness.

Philippe Pinel became head of the Hospice de Becetre he impacted the well-being of individual with mental illness because he removed chains from patients and other humane acts.He believed individuals with illnesses should be getting the proper treatment and respect as others ( believed they should be treated with medicines).

3. Describe how the psychodynamic model promoted the well-being of the human service profession.

The psychodynamic model promoted the well-being of the human service profession  because it allows client to speak freely without any judgement allows the professional to get a feel of what issues the client may be having and how to help them.

4. Describe how medications promoted the well-being of those with mental illnesses

Medications promoted the well-being of those with mental illnesses because medications are a form of treatment for clients with mental disorders. There are a variety of medication used to control specific illnesses such as antipsychotic drugs, antidepresant drugs, antianxiety drugs, and lithium salts. the drug prescribed to certain patients are prescribed to help manage and control certain behaviors.


5. Describe how electroschock treatment can promote the well-being of a person with severe depression, catatonic states.

Electroshock treatment can promote well-bring of a person with severe depression because after several week of treatment the problem in behaviors diminishes. During these treatments it leave the patient unconscious and leaves the patient confused and suffering from memory loss.

6. Describe how the “strengths based” model approach promotes the well-being of clients/society

.Strengths based model promotes well-being of clients/ society because it allows the client to reflect on past issues so they can prevent it ever reoccur