Chapter 2

  • Describe the techniques and solutions used to aid in the well-being of clients who were in distress.

The techniques and solutions that were used in the middle ages were not the best for clients who were in distress. The solutions and techniques used to be chaining, beating, starving, and bleeding. Then, the king used to take care of their land and possessions. It wasn’t until Hippocrates used the scientific approach to explain the distress of clients. Churches were the institutions who were in charged of giving guidance and even helping the poor.

  • Describe the evolution of human well-being services, from the middle ages to present day by individuals, professionals and society.

The human services provided in the middle ages were very basic and not well developed. The churches who guided the people with problems, had “professionals” who were only working under the beliefs of the church. Not a scientific approach as we do today. In the present day is better to approach clients in a scientific way because its more objective. All individuals have different beliefs, therefore they need to be respected and should not be limited to receive certain services. Hence, society has become more enlightened with different sets of ideas.

  • Describe how Obama-Care’s mission is to aid the well-being of Americans.

The mission of Obama- Care is to provide all Americans with accessible health care. Which means that all Americans will be able to afford to receive treatment and care for a low cost. It would be of great help for people who don’t have the resources to have access to health care. However, this would mean to increase taxes, which is why its a very debated topic.

  • Describe how social philosophies were promoted to aid in the well-being of clients/society.

A person who believed in individualism, believed that the success in an individual’s life was the complete responsibility of the individual’s characteristics. Therefore, the well being of an individual depended all on them. Laissez-faire was a philosophy that was based on the concept that the government should have little intervention in the economy. Believing in this philosophy meant that the individual had no right to any human service. Social Darwinism was a mix of both of the previous philosophies mentioned. It consisted of survival of the fittest. Individuals who could adapt to whatever the conditions were of the society they will survive.  However, those who couldn’t and would seek help, would not help in the progress of improvement.

Describe how the mental health movement promoted the well-being of clients/society.

The mental health movement promoted well being in clients and society by encouraging improvement of education and treatment. The aim of the mental health movement was to improve the services provided to clients with mental illnesses. Therefore, the Mental Health Association was made for the protection of the client which was one of the biggest encouragements. Furthermore, education on causes, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment was further developed by the Mental Health association. Which helped the well-being of the clients by providing them with better services.

Describe how the human service movement promoted the well-being of clients/society.

Many years ago, mental health workers had many responsibilities. As time passed by these responsibilities were being divided into new roles for different and new positions for the field. Since time has passed by, new information has been acquired in the mental health field and therefore it has been implemented.

  • Describe how entitlement benefits(Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare) promote the wellbeing of individuals/society.

Medicaid aids citizens by providing states with funds for their health care. Medicare provides health insurance for people over 65 years of age. Welfare helps the poor and unemployed. All of this entitlements promote the wellbeing of individuals and society in their own way.

  • Describe how legislation promotes the well-being of individuals/society.

The Medicare Prescription Drug Act and many others were passed in the 21st century and has improved the wellbeing of individuals and society. Moreover, this legislation has provided more diverse services to clients according to their beliefs. Therefore, the wellbeing of individuals has been addressed more carefully throughout time. A big improvement made since the middle ages.