Please Read & Reply ASAP: HW for Tuesday (10/14), Peer Review, & Essay #1 First Draft Files

*I ask that each person read through this post carefully and then confirm that you read it/understand what is expected of you/will complete the required work by commenting below (just hit “reply” and write something like, “Yes,” or “I understand,” or “Got it”) no later than tomorrow morning (Monday, 10/13).

Hi folks:

I hope that you are having good weekends. A few quick (but important) reminders:

1. E-mailed Essay Drafts
As you know, essay drafts are due two ways: a printed copy (in class) and a correctly labeled file e-mailed to me before before class begins. The files of the Essay #1 First Drafts were due over three days ago, and as the syllabus and assignment states, if I do not have your work on time, you receive no credit for your work. We went over the file labelling procedures in class on Thursday, and I asked anyone who still did not send it to me (correctly), to do so by that night. However, I am still waiting for properly labeled files from about 1/3 of the class. If you did not send me your file (and I wrote back “Thank you” as a confirmation), please do so no later than tonight. If I don’t have your correctly labeled file by tonight (Sunday, 10/12), your draft will not count as being submitted and you will not be receiving written feedback from me on your work.

2. We’re doing Peer Review on Tuesday, and all relevant information (guidelines, assignment, groups) can be found on the ENG 1101 Peer Review page. Please make sure to read the guidelines carefully, and to print/complete the assignment for your two group members (this means answering questions on the assignment sheet and making marginal comments/annotations on the drafts themselves). Please show up to class on time on Tuesday, as we will get started right at the beginning of class. Also, bring an extra (blank) printed copy of your essay for yourself, so you can take notes during the peer review discussion (that is what the fourth printed copy is for).

3. Required Readings
We’ve had “writing”-related readings due over the past few classes, and I know a lot of folks haven’t gotten around to doing them yet. Just a reminder that this is required reading, and that it directly relates to the composing, revising, and peer-reviewing you are doing for Essay #1. If you need to catch up, please do so before our next class. Everyone should have printed/read/annotated all of the readings from last week (Tu 10/7 and Th 10/9) and this coming Tuesday (10/14) when we next meet.

4. Office Hours
I am more than happy to meet to discuss anyone’s first draft (and revisions) with them this coming week. If you would like to see me to discuss your Essay #1, please e-mail me ASAP to set up an appointment (as time slots fill up quickly).

Thanks, and don’t forget to “reply” here to indicate you’ve read/understand/will complete all this work. See you Tuesday!

Professor Belli