Vision speeches with different methods but same purpose

The mayoral victory speeches in 2013 from Bill De Blasio and Joe Lhota, address different points of views on how to improve the wellbeing of distinct groups of New Yorkers. Before the speech of Bill De Blasio took place, his daughter Chiara gave her own speech praising her father as an ideal candidate. Later, De Blasio mentions the tragedy of 9/11 to remind the audience that if New Yorkers were united and generous back when this happened then they should also act the same way today (9:15). He continues his speech by stating the major problems that there has been: half of the Americans being near the line of poverty, police making racial profiling, and fear in families of their children not having a good education. Moreover, De Blasio continues to imply that since “We are New Yorkers” (15:45) they deserve changes. Hence, he starts to make his proposals about the solutions to these problems. De Blasio states that New Yorkers who are more wealthy should pay more taxes and therefore those taxes would go towards the education of children. Furthermore, he explains that “Stop and Frisk era” (16:38) is not providing safety to communities and should be removed.

The group of New Yorkers that De Blasio is supporting are people of less resources. Therefore his target are communities where there is a lack of education and economic wealth. The candidate wants to promote generosity between communities in order for these to improve. De Blasio’s daughter’s speech was a way of using ethos in his favor. She described how dedicated his father is after 18 years of being an activist and a public servant, then continues to praise deeply his career and persona. He uses pathos when he talks about the tragedy of 9/11, allowing his audience to notice his sympathy for others. Furthermore, he uses logos when he starts making statements of how hospitals have been replaced with luxury condos. He makes his audience think deeply of how drastic the public resources are being altered. I think that De Blasio’s vision of happiness for New Yorkers, specifically for the poor, is that they all have equality among the rest of the people with different social status. Meaning, that everyone will have education, proper safety, and fair wealth.

In Joe Lhota’s victory speech he starts by claiming that New York City is the city of opportunity.  He continues to talk about the progress that there has been such as: communities being improved in their constructions, and the decrease on the crime rates. Moreover, Lhota states that he supports the NYPD Stop and frisk: and encourages everyone else to support it as well. Furthermore, he mentions that he has a plan that will cut specific taxes in order for entrepreneurs to create successful businesses (9:30).  Also, fines and fees will be applied to strengthen the already existent small businesses. Lhota continues to explain that he believes all kids should receive great education, teachers should receive better training, and kids should not be educated simply by tests. He finishes his speech stating that New York City will be where all dreams come true.

Joe Lhota supports people of middle class.  His goal is to build on what the people of the middle class have. Improve living conditions, education system, and keep supporting the NYPD.  Lhota used logos when he talked about the NYPD stop and frisk: he made people think how it has shown results by decreasing crime rates.  He used pathos when he talked of himself being criticized for not being politically correct when he talks about his changes: made people have empathy for him.  Last but not least he uses ethos when he says that anyone who knows him, knows he is honest and open to the communities. By this he is assuring to the public that his reputation can be and should be trusted.

I think that both of these candidates have the same ideas on how to improve the wellbeing of New Yorkers. However, what differences them is the group who they are trying to help improve their wellbeing. Both of them target at education, living, and economy in a different approach: according to their groups. Bill De Blasio wants to help poor people to MEET their basic needs. Joe Lhota wants  to IMPROVE the needs of the middle class.