chapter 9 questions

1. The human services code of ethics inititates guides and promotes a clinical arena for professionmal and client well being. Each human services code of ethics is somewhat of a guide line to help make everything better for the client. Rules are set to ensure the best surroundings for each client.

2.The human services professional responsibility to clients promotes well being. They help clients by not just trying to figuire out what each problem is but to provide the resources so that they client can have a better chance for the best possible outcome in the end.Giving them all the choices that they have.

3.The human servies professional responsibilities to the community and society help to promote well being. Human service workers should be able to help any type of client with issues not just one type of group.In other words all human service workers should be diverse in what they do to make sure that they can help each client to the best of their ability.

4.The human services professionals responsibilities to colleagues promote well being for the client by networking. Human service workers can better keep in contact throught networking getting things done at a faster pace. This means that the client is being helped at a faster pace and also the humans service worker can acess help easily through networking.

5.The human services professionals responsibilities to the profession promote Well being to the clients.This helps ensure that each and every client that a human service worker sees is given respect and being treated the way they should be treated, while still doing the job that the clinet is their for you to do.

6.The human services professionals responsibilities to the employers promote Well being to the clients. Humans services are what they are because they are capable of doing certain things that others can not do. But if not then why work as a human service worker if your not going to do your job, which is to help people to the best of your ability. Have the requirements are key to make it in this feild of work.

7.The human services professionals responsibility to self promote Well being to the clients. Human service workers help those in need; those who are not able to help themselves. You should give nothing less but your all into helping clients until you have nothing else to give.

8.The human services professionals responsibilities to educators promote Well being. Especially to the clients because they are the ones that are in the need of help.