Visions Of Well-being for NYC

On primary night in 2013 both Bill De Blasio and Joe Lhota came out and gave their speech, both hoping for the win. Each candidate came out and told every one about who they are, their family and what are their plans as Mayor of NYC. Bill De Blasio is the man every one is able to relate to because he is a family man, he even had his daughter introduce him before he spoke and his son has helped throughout the whole campaign and thanked his wife for being his best friend and biggest supporter. As Bill De Blasio gave his speech he had a way of trying to make every one in NYC sound like one big happy family. He wants us all to work together and be there for one another as you would your own family. He hopes for change that will benefit every one. Bill De Blasio believes education is very important for the children so they can have a better future and actually have a chance at a good life. He is also not for the stop and frisk because it has become to a point of just racial profiling. Finally the wealthy should contribute more to society considering they have more than the others around them.

When Joe Lhota gave his speech on primary night it had some similarities to Bill De Blasio. Joe Lhota’s family is important to him as well introducing his wife and daughter as his foundation, his strength, his source of energy and how he would not be standing there without them. Both candidates take family very seriously and definitely want to make sure that everyone knows that. Joe Lhota spoke of keeping NYC safer, having a better education for children by improving schools which can lead to having good paying jobs in the future. Both candidates were in agreement with those points. They both spoke about stop and frisk as well. Joe Lhota is for it because he believes it will make NYC safer while Bill De Blasio is not for it because he says it leads to racial profiling. Overall both candidates want the people to have a good life and surprisingly they had more similarities than differences in the speeches.

In class we have been discussing the different types of happiness. No one really knows what consists of the true meaning of happiness for an individual but the government definitely plays a role in what they believe contributes to the happiness of the New Yorkers. In both of the speeches made by Bill De Blasio and John Lhota they both discuss education, safety and well paying jobs. Those seem to be the main ones that will increase in the happiness and well being of others. Education is definitely important so that their is a chance for people to learn and later on in the future use the skills they’ve learned to be able to have a well paying job. Making NYC a safer place will definitely increase in the happiness and well being of others. So much crime is committed daily and if it even went down a little can make a huge difference and will allows other to feel safer living in it. Having a well paying job is something that is a big part of someones happiness because this job is what allows them to pay their rent, their expenses, things they need etc.. Overall is for the people of NYC to work together and become stronger are believed by these two candidates will make our world a better place.