Victory Speeches And the Well-Being of a City

In Bill DeBlasio and Joe Lhota victory speech, they both seem to have the same vision on making New York City a better place, but each believe in a different technique on doing so. During Joe Lhotas speech, he used ethos in order to persuade his supporters by showing alot of his character. Joe Lhota says that “New York City is the city of opportunity”. With this being said he states that the other party is wrong about “tales of 2 cities”. Lhota believes that the city of opportunity will be divided because of “tales of 2 cities” (5:40) he states that it will (5:28) “Tear down the progress thats happend over the last twenty years”. Joe Lhota also believes in security and education for the well being of New York City. Lhota supports NYPD and he says “crime is at historic lows” (8:20). Lhota states that he supports the New York Police Department and a safe neigborhood and because of this he believes that “stop and frisk must continue” (9:00).

In Bill DeBlasio speech he uses pathos by remembering the tragic incident on september 11(9:35). He touches his supporters soft spots by using emotion in order for them to support him. In Deblasio speech he mentions that the well being of the city will include safety and authority, he believes in values and noone geting left behind no matter in what economic status they are in (10:30). Joe DeBlasio talks about “New York had become a tale of two cities.. were the wealthy couldnt be better.. and half of our citizens are living at or near the poverty line” (11:25). DeBlasio believes that they should help and support “poor  people”. He wants to change New York City inside and out by staying united. In DeBlasio speech he states that he is agsinst “stop and frisk”, he believes that it is dangerouse and it is “a risk the city cannot take” (16:51).

Both Joe Lhotas and Bill DeBlasio had taken their time to thank their families and ithers for their support during the campaign. Both Lhota and DeBlasio have a vision on making New York City a better place. Both candidates share the support of security/safety for the citys well being. This relates to my past discussions in English 1101 and Hus 1102 were we talked about well being. Starting to talk about this we used Maslow which brought up the topic of feeling safe. In class we discussed about everyday safety, for example police, firefighters, carring a weapon or not, hospital and etc. In this case, the safety that these two candidates are talking about is the New York Police Departments. Which comes up were  these candidates disagree. Joe Lhota believes that the stop and frisk is helpful and must continue for the safety in the streets of the city, while in other hand Bill DeBlasio disagrees with it. Another difference these two candidates have is there techniques in persuading others. Lhota uses more ethos in his speech while DeBlasio uses more pathos demonstrating his sympathy to those families who lost loved ones in 9|11.