tale of two cities vs. Unity

Lhota began his speech using pathos. he talked about his family and his experience as a New Yorker. He spoke of his family, the struggles his family went through, his mom had to work so that he could go to school. He used pathos so that others could relate. at minute 4:11 he speaks of how New york is the city of dreams of hopes he praises New York, setting up the scene . Lhota’s speech hits a few main points including education, Safety in New York and Jobs, this because he believes these are the most important to new yorkers well being. At minute 6 he talks of the unity of New york. He believes it is important that New york be unified in order for progress to be made. He believes that in order for the well being to be made, New york must work as a community. During minute 5:16 he speaks of education, how everyone should be able to have a education, in order for people to successful and happy, they must have the option of education. In minute 8:30 he speaks of his support for the NYPD. By doing this he is touching on safety , most likely because of the time of his speech, there was so much controversy around stop & frisk he wanted people  feel safe, to know that was one less thing they could worry about. here he uses logos, appealing to people who are skeptical about NYPD. towards the end of his speech on minute 10:16 he speaks of unions and workers, contracts, reassuring the public they shouldn’t worry about jobs. He will take care of this.

Deblasio’s speech has one main theme, this is 911. He uses this theme throughout his speech. A method of pathos, he knows that 911 is a sensitive subject , and he uses this to his advantage, capturing the audience’s attention and keeping them interested. At minute 10:00 he speaks of the responsibility of higher power officials. They should be able to make New Yorkers feel safe, an important aspect to their lives. If an individual does not feel safe deblasio feels that the government has failed its people. He speaks of unity for New York during minute 10:50 explaining that no one should feel left behind , this is intended to target all audiences of diverse cultures and ethnicities. During minute 11:50 he uses logos, by conveying information about the poverty line , and how many new yorkers are living so close. He wants his lower class audience to feel they are also important and to know that he is aware of the situation and is prepared to deal with it. He proposes plans during minute 16:00 on raising taxes for the wealthy and using that tax money for everybody, to do things that will create progress for the city. Everyone should be helped he says. And lastly during minute 16:30 he speaks on stop and frisk method. He speaks on racials classes, how they shouldn’t be target , how police need to behave, and how the public should feel. He does this to demonstrate ethos, although his appearance is white , his family is diverse, he wants others to be able to relate, he wants to be able to relate to others. Ending his speech on a strong and, appealing to everybody.

I believe both candidates touched on the same subjects because they believed these are issues that most affect new yorkers well beings. I believe its governments job to make the public feel safe and secure. this aids to their well being and happiness. Without these two main principles everything else is more difficult. Its a good thing both candidates offered different solutions. Although Deblasio is now our mayor, i feel Lhota should have taken. Personally his plans helped and made me feel confident in our city, it made me believe we could change and progress. I am sure a lot more people felt this same way. Deblasio said things he knew the audience wanted to hear. He scripted everything. On the other hand Lhota made his speech more personal, more relatable. Speaking of his journey, and personal experiences. lhota seemed to really care about the well being and happiness of the public. throughout Lhota’s speech he identified himself with the public , with the issues. On the other hand Deblasio used 911 as his main example, although many of us know what happened and were around, it was not so so personal, but everybody could identify with struggling in living in New York, with education and job placements. When it came to taxes, Deblasio was clear on raising taxes for the wealthy , creating a bias for lower economic class, while Lhota said everyone should be equal there shouldn’t be a need to raise taxes there are other ways. I believe Lhota had everyone in mind not only a specific audience or class, while Deblasio had a specific target. I believe that in order to create a well being , a good environment in New York everyone should be kept in mind.