Do you feel divided or united?

Bill De Blasio’s victory speech mentioned the Tale of two cities in which he described the division between the wealthy and the poor. The wealthy indulge in their way of life as they easily get things because they have money their life is perfect enough. On the other hand the poor people where nearly half the citizens are living at or near the poverty line as De Blasio stated (11:25). He wants to make a difference where children can be given the opportunity to reach their god-given potential (12:41). Also where people help others such as the time of 9/11 he spoke how heroic people were to help. Risking their own lives to save others is part of being a New Yorker. De Blasio’s point in all of this is that we should be helping everybody that helping others could benefit in your well-being. Not just for the each individuals life but in making the life of others well and equal. The well-being of the New Yorkers is for everyone to be equal. Having equal opportunities for the people who live here for example having the good education or feeling safe living here in New York. Asking not too much of the wealthy but enough that maybe they could give a helping hand. Than everyone could be happy and not miserable about how their life is. Trying to better the community rather than having luxury condos replace community hospitals. Bill De Blasio is for the people as he wants to make people feel that they can get what they want with some support and more focus on the people. The government should play an equal role with the constituents because we all live in this one country where everyone should be equal in their way of living. No one should have more power than any other group of people or give more opportunities to those in need. For everyone to feel happy and satisfied this is the kind of role the government should play.  De Blasio spoke with pathos in his speech he wanted everyone to know how he would help New Yorkers in everyday life.

Joe Lhota’s victory speech mentioned the way that government work for the people and not against them. In order for everyone to feel safe and to have a stronger city the people need leaders. As Lhota stated “This isn’t leadership this is the abstinence of leadership, leaders make tough decisions choices that are necessary to protect, strengthen our city”. Lhota side is that we need to enforce more leaders and wealthy higher people like the government to make the decisions in each persons life. An example he gives is saying that stop and frisk should be administered more in order for the people to feel safe. But in doing that you are scaring more people into thinking because of how they look or act they might be stopped. This isn’t as much giving people the right thinking in that they will be safe. Lhota takes more the side of the government and how they run things. He takes more of the side to help the middle class and strengthen them. He will help them to get a better stability in life such as helping them economically. As he stated “New York City is the city of opportunities”. But with those opportunities you have to give people a chance to decide for themselves and not really impose on. The role the government would play in this is that they would have more a say in what the people should get rather than the people deciding. Joe Lhota spoke with pathos because he persuades people to think that he will try and protect us but more as in business wide and having to do more with how money is used. He wants the citizens to be unified with equal jobs, pay and education.

Both candidates had almost the same interest but said it very differently in their speeches. Bill De Blasio spoke to the people letting us know that he is for us and to show that he will do everything he can for people to feel safe and heard. Joe Lhota spoke more for the city in how to better it rather than how much the citizens could benefit and their well-being.