Bringing Change to all of New York

Both Bill de Blasio, the and Joe Lhota have different perspectives for the well-being of New Yorkers. Both candidates are working on better living conditions in New York City. Both candidates have their own separate goals and ideas on how they will bring about the change New Yorkers need in order to have a satisfying life.
Bill de Blasio uses Logo by focusing more on targeting the lower class and the poor. He does not want the families in poverty to fear about their children going to school and having a great education. He wants them to know they will be taken care of. In his victory speech from (14:40-15:30) he is talking about financial stability and comfort for future generations. Bill de Blasio doesn’t want any New Yorker to feel as if they should limit their status hierarchy because of poverty. In 15:55 Bill mentions the people who are making a half a million in income would be taxed a little more to help fund pre-k schools and after school programs for middle schools. In 16:26 he speaks on behalf of the stop and frisk method. He feels the method has begun to target a specific group of races including more minorities of color. He says this method can be dangerous towards the people of New York and the NYPD. Bill de Blasio really gets in depth of what New Yorkers need. He knows moreover what New Yorkers are looking for and what their needs are because he is a New Yorker himself. He’s experienced the living of practically all classes.
Lhota focuses more on everyone as a whole. There should be an equal share for all parties. He and Bill de Blasio have similar targets but Lhota doesn’t really hit home with specifics. He keeps it traditional in saying he wants to improve the safety, educational levels, and
Financial resources. He also supports the NYPD system “stop and frisk.” In his eyes he’s maintaining safety but what happens of the method goes wrong(?)
Both men want the best for New Yorkers but Bill Blasio’s focus is more towards the people in poverty and Joe Lhota focuses on the ones who can already maintain for themselves.