Questions on Chapter One

-Describe problems in living and how individuals experience these problems in terms of their sense of well-being.

Some problems that individuals experience in life is not being excepted for who they are, not treated the same because of race, ethnicity or religion or judged by how financial stable they are. People experience these problems in terms of their sense of well-being by other people judgment and actions towards them. Sometimes you face difficulties making friends and growing connections with people because you go through that is beyond your  control or because you live a certain lifestyle.

-Describe how can human services networking aid in the well-being of clients.

Human Services networking can aid in the well-being of clients because they would be open to many people who would be able to help them. They would also be able to broaden their knowledge on what they can do to help themselves and who they can turn to when this help is needed.

-Describe how utilizing an interdisciplinary approach within the work of a human service professional can aid to the well-being of a client/society.

When using an interdisciplinary approach with the work of a human service professional makes their job better and also make what they can offer to a client/society better. It can aid to the well being of them because now that you can see from more that one point of view you can help others see things in more than one way and you can help people in different ways.

-Describe how social care, social control and rehabilitation contributes to the well being of an individual? Society?

Social care, social control and rehabilitation contributes to the well-being of an individual and society in many ways. Social care focuses mainly on people who cant care for themselves and gives little more help on meeting their social needs. Social control is a little m ore strict in which they focus more on who receives those services and how they receive it. rehabilitation helps people get back to where they were before certain situations occurred.

-Describe how the relationship between the worker and client can be an integral part in the well-being of a client.

Growing a relationship between a worker and a client can be an integral part in the well-being of a client because once you create that connection you can the unlock and get a break through with the client. The client will now be more open with you and it will no longer be a difficulty for to help the client with certain things.

-Describe the clinical/professional job tasks the human service professional performs in aiding the well-being goals of the client

Being a generalist human service worker aids in the well-being of those they serve because now you can inform the outside world with information to help better themselves. you are the one who can get people to want to better themselves to come and do so by what you inform them with.

-Describe how evidence based practice knowledge can be utilized by the professional to aid in the clients well-being.

Evidence based practice can be utilized in a great way because then it would not be hard for to understand things about a client. you will now be able to discover and unfold issues are problems quicker and more sufficient.