How to buy happiness

In “ What good is money if it cant buy happiness” ?  By Sonja Lyubomirsky argues that can money actually buy happiness? She discusses how no matter how much money you have it cannot bring happiness to you. People who were the most wealthiest weren’t actually happy because, although they may had have everything they wanted it wasn’t something that would last that made them happy, they were more sad and miserable. Lyubomirsky suggested that instead we should spend our money on being adventurous such as vacations, trips, concerts, involving in more positive activities, doing things for others that would make us feel more positive about ourselves. She stated that “the key to buying happiness is not how financially successful we are, but what we do with it” (3),

However I agree that money doesn’t bring happiness all the time maybe for the moment, but when it’s gone, a person is back to their regular self again. I say this because as Lyubomirsky stated when she spoke to an Ivy League educated plastic surgeon, he was someone who had it all, but even though he had it all he said “I had difficulty feeling motivated, and I have trouble getting out of bed this morning” (1) which he explain that although he doesn’t feel motivated he also discusses that he was completely miserable. Therefore a person who can have everything isn’t the happiest person because when you have a certain amount of money you get used to it and it doesn’t mean much to you anymore.

Lyubomirsky compared the comparison between money and happiness. Once a person gets use to positive change in their life such as getting high expenses, cars, clothes, as Lyubomirsky stated “we quickly become inured to changes in our lives and my colleagues and I have found that we get used to the positive changes” (1) that although her and her colleagues get used to the positive changes, they weren’t using it in the way she believed that they should. Therefore people who are rich and wealthy instead of spending money on materialistic things, they don’t necessarily matter it’s the experience that count and how you use it.

An additional thing to buy happiness is spending it on others, as Lyubomirsky believed. She believed that having money were able to have the ability to help one another such as our loved ones, society, charities, and to change the world. When we are able to give to others makes he/she feel more accomplished and positive because they are doing something for another person beside themselves, such as helping an elderly person cross the street, or helping them getting on the subway it makes us as society feel good. Therefore the more there are more people involving, engaging with one another could see that money doesn’t always bring happiness it can be there for the moment and then it’s gone.

Lastly the key to buying happiness isn’t how financial stable we are, but how we use it and it isn’t about how rich a person is or how much they have its all about giving back to one another and helping our society.