Happiness for Sale!

In Sunja Lubmirsky’s article “How to Buy Happiness” points out the main factor of happiness. She believes that having possessions and materialistic things is not important if you haveĀ not experienced anything in life. She spoke to an Ivy League educated plastic surgeon with boomingĀ private practice about how happy he was. although he owned many expensive things that did make him happy. research showed that if you have these things and your basic needs areĀ not met you happiness will not increase. She also studied and came to the conclusion just like Elizabeth Dunn and Michael NortonĀ who wroteĀ that spending your wealth with others will make your chances of becoming happier greater. Using the money that we have and outing it towards something that will help us grow is another in which she felt would help gain happiness. Buying more time meaning if we spend our money to give us more open and free time will make room for things you weren’t able to do before. At the end of her article she asked the question “What good is money if it cant but happiness?” and her answer was simply stating its not what you have but its what you do with what you have.

whenever somebody says that its not about the money its about life experience I automatically agree. People fail to realize if they buy a fancy car or a big house that does not mean that the sadness or depression that u faced in your old car or your small apartment will go away. if you used the money to do something you enjoy or go somewhere you always wanted to go is what would make you happy. When you do share amongst your peers, loves ones and friends is increases your happiness not only because you sharedĀ but because you did something for someone other than yourself. So instead of buying a fancy car or a new gold watch go somewhere excited and share that excitement with someone else and you will be happier than ever.