Can $$$ increase your :)

In a 2013 web article; How To buy Happiness: What Good is Money if it Can’t Buy Happiness, a Ph.D; Sonja Lyubomirsky argues that the way you spend money can affect your happiness. Sonja Lyubomirsky supported her claim by pointing out how money is being spend. It’s include buying materials to buying experiences and spending on others (donations, buying something for a friend). In conclusion to the article, Sonja Lyubomirsky answered her claim by saying, “The key to buying happiness… it’s not how much high our income is, but how we allocate it.” In other words, how we spend out money can make us happy or happier.

Like the previous article we read, “How to Buy Happiness?, by Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton, which argument also includes examples on how happy can one get by buying materials, experiences,  or spending on others. These two articles provide there opinion that money can buy us happiness, according to how we use it.

I agree with Sonja Lyubomirsky’s “How to Buy Happiness: What Good Is Money If It Can’t buy Happiness?” specificity the part about the way people spend money is the key to achieve happiness. People always tell me “Money can’t buy happiness,” and I disagree and this article proof that I was right in a way. There are ways to buy happiness. I don’t believe that people see that though, especially in New York. Many New Yorkers make money just to live on it. In other words, they just put it in the bank and spend it when it is needed. Other New Yorkers only spend it in materials. They would get new apartment to getting a car. Which according to this article, Lyubomirsky suggested it would not guaranteed you being happy for a long-run. There are also some New Yorkers like me who spend their money on experience with others. There are nothing better than treating yourself and some friends to karaoke. I am happy and my friends are happy. It a big boost of happiness to me. This also made me think of Christmas. When everyone usually buy things for each other and spend the time together. It’s one of the happiest time of the year. Everyone is spending money on someone else and sharing the experience with them. I feel happy when I play “Secret Santa” with my friends. I feel really happy buying something for someone else plus we doing it all together. I hope to do it again this year. I think, we can all agree that nowadays, Christmas is another word for “buying happiness”.

However after reading two articles about money can actually buy happiness, it made be questioned myself; is there a negative outcome from using money to buy happiness?,  are happiness bought from happiness different from happiness that are “free, if it does, in a scale which one is higher. Stupidly, I also questioned myself, if money actually can buy happiness, can it also buy other emotions, sadness even. I hope not and if it does, I hope it won’t occur to me.