Can money buy true happiness?

In the article, “How to buy happiness” by Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton, it states how money relates to our happiness. I think we all can agree and say money can bring us happiness. I know every time I receive my check a big smile comes on my face. I also know that happiness does not last for long. It will last for that moment but later on it goes away. This article tells us managing our money is a good way to increase our happiness. In this article it states how people can get more happiness from buying experiences rather than buying material things. This means to get out there and experience things such as trips, concerts, or just having fun with friends can bring so much more happiness rather than going and buying yourself a new pair of shoes. Spending your money on others rather than yourself can bring one happiness. I do agree with this because when I buy someone something and to see how much they loved it makes me happy. You made someone else happy other than yourself. Basically this article is saying to manage your money better so you are able to go out and experience life not only for yourself, but also others and you will be a happier person.