Happy money

Being happy is a very miss understood word in modern life. Most people will only feel short gratification of being satisfied from buying that new bag or new sneakers, and still not feel as if they were fully satisfied. In our world we focus on our unlimited wants , rather than  our limited needs.

To be happy some may say is having a million dollars and being able to satisfy their “wants” … First thing that comes to most peoples heads shown in Elizabeth Dunn’s experimental article “we focus on us and what that million dollars can do for us and us alone”. Most peoples first thoughts will be buying new cars , homes , clothes exc. but does that really make you happy ? No, because material things give us short term happiness .

What exactly will give you the most happiness out of you dollar you may ask ? It’s  Simple really. Instead of buying that golden bathtub , spend that money for a nice vacation with family and friends , create a memory that will last  a lifetime. You don’t need to be a billionaire to receive the same benefits of happy money. Studies have shown in the article that changing the way you spend as little as $5 can lead to a measurable increase in happiness. Research suggests that instead of purchasing items for you , do something nice for other people with that dollar , this will boost your happiness level from that dollar. Experiences come to us with more benefits of happiness.

On a Christmas morning have you ever been excited for others to open the gifts you’ve purchased for them, and waiting to see that big bright smile on their face? I have experienced that feeling first hand and now my Christmases are not about receiving money nor any items from anyone , but rather giving everything I have to my family and friends to see them smile. If you put more smiles on other peoples faces , your heart will smile back at you.

If you think about it , what will last longer, a new pair of sneakers , or a new memory at six flags with friends and family ? Sneakers will get dirty, torn , and thrown away. On the other hand a memory of an exciting trip to six flags with family and friends won’t be dirtied and thrown away, it’s just not possible. Your experiences and memories will stay with you till your death ,when you think back on your life and try to think when where you happiest you will not be thinking of that golden bathtub nor those new Jordan sneakers, you will be thinking of how you throw up on your baby sister at six flags riding on the roller coasters.

Now what we’ve learned here is to try as take out unlimited wants and replace them with our limited needs. Me empowered to make yourself a happier individual and others around you happy. Create a life filled with memories not materials and you will live a happy and healthy life. Now put those sneakers away and go throw up on your little sister.