Hello, my name is Indira Raimundi! I am Puerto Rican, Greek and Italian. I am 17 years old and majoring in Human Services. I live in the Bronx but do everything in Manhattan which is how it’s been my whole life. I enjoy going to the gym, watching tv (specefically Netflix), doing my nails, taking pictures and overall trying to make someone smile everyday if I can. When I can make someone happy it bring me joy. Oh, and I LOVE food, can’t forget that. Chipotle is life, just saying. I am a very laid back person, I perfer to stay home then do anything else. For instance on the weekend I will usually not do anything except go to the gym and get things done that need to be done. I’m not the type to party all the time but I do love going to them. I’ve always been a hard worker with school and jobs that I have had. I try to do everything to my best ability. Overall I believe I am a very trustworthy, funny, nice, chill person. Thanks for listening!