Census on towns happiness

After reading this article “How HappyĀ Are You? A census wants to know”Ā I realized one thing, it is extremely difficult to capture exactly what someone’s happiness is as a whole. Officials in Somerville, Massachusetts wanted to find out a little bit moreĀ about their peoples well being so they created and sent out a census. after receiving answers back fromĀ more than 7,500 people they realized that everyone’s happiness are different. One question that was asked was “how satisfied are you with your life in general?” and one man’s response was ‘IĀ would like to be three inches taller and speak Quechua fluently.”Ā Peoples happiness can stemĀ from many things. One man’s responseĀ really stated a true fact and he said that a survey such as this all has to deal with the person and the mood that their in.Ā The officials then realized that most peoples happiness depends the situation in which they areĀ in.Ā So after thisĀ census they came to aĀ realization that in order to improve happiness u have to improve the peoples areas of interests and surroundings.