A Census Article about “How Happy Are You” And the State of Your Well-being.

The article “How Happy Are You” A Census Wants to Know” by John Tierney is about a Boston suburb, Somerville, Mass. Officials are asking the people of Somerville about their happiness and what they should do to make them feel more happy. They added questions on to their census such as “How satisfied are you with your life in general?” and “Taking everything in account, how satisfied are you with Somerville as a place to live?” These questions added to the census were expected to get back specific answers. In my opinion i do not agree that happiness can be measured. In the article there were also some concerns on whether or not politicians should be promoting happiness or not.

I believe that the officials are making it seems as though one can measure there happiness by how much “green” one has. I do not agree that people could measure there happiness because, they are being blinded by material or environmental things such as “physical settings”. One can have a moment of tranquility and peace when looking at the  physical settings they want to be around, but happiness in my opinion is deeper than that. What happens when you turn around from this “physical setting” and your surroundings, when you wake up at 3 am and you’re laying in bed; Are you happy? So i do not think it should be measured by governments because the government can only do so much, and they can’t measure every single persons complete happiness. That is why i believe happiness is deeper than having “more parks or highways” in ones city. Other than being measured people tend to “promote” happiness. The government tries to promote happiness by giving the people what they want. But even in a world with everything the people want, true happiness is  ones choice.

Things that are important for my well-being would be food on the table, a roof above my head, principles, education, communication, and feeling safe and comfortable. I believe sanitary, hospitals, police and fire departments are important for the well-being of a community. While this is all true well-being and happiness are slightly different. Things that make you feel comfortable and healthy, like food and government agency’s, are all part of ones well-being. And having all of this would make you feel happy at the moment, but true happiness comes from within. Nevertheless Conflicts between individuals and community well-being exist and i believe its normal because people have different opinions and ideas regarding a community well being.