How Happy Are You ? (Summary & Response)

In the New York Times article that was published in 2011 named “How Happy Are You? A Census Wants To Know” By John Tierney. It speaks about how he asked a question on on a scale to 1-10 how happy they are currently in their lives. Mostly alot of people gave different types of answers when they saw the survey. In Somerville it is a place that is both between 2 universities which means that the answers may also vary. For example in the article it states that “He gave himself a 6 because he wishes to be 3 inches taller and speak Quechua fluently”.Technically he just want to expand his language and be taller. Also in this article you notice that most people in this are asked how happy they are and mostly the answer is because of where they live. People were also told to rate the police and the schools and the amount of affordable housing that is in the area of Somerville. All people have different opinions on those type of subjects. Some people answered differently based off the mod they were in. For example if somebody was asked in the middle of winter “Do you like living in Somerville” and it was very snowy that day. You may get a different opinion  when it’s sunny in the summertime from that same person.

I believe that this experiment is actually A good idea. Not only because some people may have lived in the area more than others but also it shows that some people may think different about how happy they are not on materialistic things like there houses or even the area they live in but more so of how their lives are lived on a daily. Some people think of happiness to be materialistic things but honestly what happens when those materials are gone? Your happiness just vanishes ? I really believe that happiness doesn’t entirely have to do where you live at but just how to react to where you live. But also in this article I noticed that some of the questions they asked were rather personal which shows the people were looking for the personality of the people that are living in the area. Overall still I think it was a good idea for the survey people about how happy they are. But however I think it should’ve been about if they are happy LIVING in Somerville rather than just being overall “happy”.