“Lucys Intro”

Hey everyone, my name is Luz Garcia I also go by Lucy. I’m 18 years old and I was born and raised in New York. My birthday is on May 20. I’m a Taurus which I believe describes me a lot. I have 2 younger sisters and a new little brother from my father side, who all live in the Dominican Republic. I also have a little sister from my mothers side who I live with. I went to High School of Graphic Communication Arts in downtown Manhattan. I enjoy playing basketball, drawing, listening to music and having fun, i love to laugh. This summer was different from my other past summers, i was getting ready for college, spending some time with my boyfriend, i attended remedial class for math, and i was babysitting.

This semester i’m planing on focusing on my classes to do very good and learn fast about my career. My first experiences in City Tech were good. Since i attended remedial class in the summer i got use to the ways professors taught their class, so i expect to do well in my classes. My mom and my past experiences have given me the interest for the Human Service field. Majoring in Human Services my career goal is to help kids and teens that have problems in their household, streets and/or school. Many young adults have problems and act out in ways that our city frown upon; and because of that, later in life they have trouble finding jobs because of their past choices. My goal is to help those who are having trouble and give them the second chance they deserve to become successful.

One of my weaknesses is expressing my feelings thoroughly. This weakness affects me as a writer because i have problems expressing all my thoughts on paper and it making sense. Other than that i believe writing about things i find interesting in is my strength. I enjoy free writing because i get to write about something i am interested in and about my opinion on it. Attending H.S.GCA i have gained some knowledge on technology, i know my way around a few programs like Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word etc.

Happiness to me is feeling good about myself in my own skin, and having those i love and care about around and supporting me. Some people may argue that money or material things are important and having these thing make you happy, but i believe true happiness is deeper. Happiness to me would also be finding my own peace of mind and feeling good as a person. I could sit in an empty room but if it’s fulled with people that make me feel good, and that i love then i’m happy.

From this learning community i expect to learn more about society and individual happiness. I also expect to share my ideas and thoughts with everyone. I hope i also get to develop my writing skills more thoroughly in order to express my thoughts into words. Thank you for your time on reading this introduction, i hope you enjoyed it. 🙂