Why I fell in love with blogging

While I’ve only been blogging formally for about 7 months now it didn’t take me long to realize that blogging was something I was extremely passionate about. Before blogging with The Buzz, I had only mediocre experience blogging, only attempting (and failing) at running my own blog while I was pregnant with my daughter and shortly there after. So when I was asked by a professor if I’d be interested in blogging for the school I was skeptical that I had what it took to be a blogger but my friends encouraged me to give it a shot. I sent in my material and hoped for the best and after an interview I was ecstatic that I’d gotten the position.

I quickly found that blogging for an already established medium was a lot easier than setting up my own blog from scratch. The Buzz was already in motion and already had regular bloggers who I’d be joining and peer editing with. The existing foundation and peer support made jumping into blogging an easy transition and it was really helpful having another set of eyes to look over my work before it went live. Having that additional support gave me confidence in my work and I quickly started promoting what I was doing and the amazing atmosphere of The Buzz itself. I did some research on promoting your brand and building an audience and I was amazed at the response I got.

It didn’t take long to fall in love with and look forward to my weekly posts, I often plotted them out weeks in advance when ideas came to me. I loved blogging because I felt that I had a forum to share my story, my wins and losses and share with or support other young women who’d been in my shoes. I felt like my words would have been a comfort to me had I come across them when I was struggling and I hoped that my words offered comfort to a young mom who was struggling or at a low point in her life. I was surprised however when I realized my blogs were reaching more than just moms and young women but that guys and even fathers were reading too!

The single proudest and heartwarming moment for me though was when a classmate sent me an email that he’d read one of my posts and it gave him the clarity he needed to work on his relationship that he’d previously felt he lost. I was stunned and honored that my words were that powerful to help someone and give him or her insight into a personal situation. It was from that evening on that I was sure I would dedicate myself to blogging in some way shape or form; I wanted my words, my experiences and my success to help motivate and inspire people to chase their dreams. I’m so thrilled to be back for the summer and I hope you’ll join me as I sketch out the steps I took in becoming a successful blogger.

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