Who’s Ready To Have A Weiner for Mayor?

Anthony Weiner

I’m sure everyone by now, has heard the story of shamed politician, Anthony Weiner. In 2011, Weiner was a Congressman, who represented the Brooklyn-Queens district, for more than a decade. He resigned after several provocative photographs of himself, engaging in lewd interactions, were leaked online. Instead of privately sending the sexually explicit image privately, Weiner accidently tweeted it to his 45,000 followers.

After leaving the political world behind, Weiner now plays the role of stay at home husband and dad. He spends his time picking up his wife’s dry cleaning, babysitting their son, and sticking close to his Park Avenue apartment.

But it appears as though Weiner is ready to put the past behind him, as he eyes the New York’s 2013 mayoral race. Weiner was quoted as wanting a “second chance” from voters, and called the upcoming mayoral race a case of “now or maybe never for me.” While he doesn’t know when he would make a firm decision about running for mayor, he acknowledged he would be the underdog. However, he would have a $4.3 million war chest to work with, funds left over from a previous mayoral campaign. He also would be eligible for an additional $1.5 million in public matching funds, which he risks losing if he does not use the money by the end of the year.

Weiner’s political committee recently spent more than $100,000 on polling and research, to find out if the public would be up for giving him a second chance in politics. The results of the polls showed that, in general, people are prepared to see beyond his scandal, and give the former congressman a second chance.

So, is it time to forgive and forget? If his wife can, maybe we should as well. While his actions were disturbing, he did prove to be a very good congressman, and scored high in his approval ratings, before the scandal occurred.  But at the same time, I don’t think I can ever look at him the same way again, after seeing those photos. The media made such a mockery out of him; I don’t see how he will ever have the full respect of the people of New York.

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